Orange City Shuffleboard Club activities

The Orange City Shuffleboard Club traveled to DeLand to participate in a recent intercity competition. The results were DeLand 9, Orange City 6. 

The high three-game scorers were: 1. (tie) Alice and Roger Vandevender (OC) and Jan Dally and Arnie Fischbach (D), both teams with a 234. 2. Jane Skinner and Barbara DeGeer (OC), 230. 3. Christine and John Giumarra (D), 222. 

Cake, pie and coffee were served by the DeLand club. 

The club had a busy week beginning Nov. 28, when the teams traveled to New Smyrna Beach to compete against the Red Team (RT) at the Coronado SBC. The results were: Red Team 10, Orange City 2. 

The high scorers were: 1. Bill Boyes and Sid Pomainville (RT), 238. 2. Charlie Jones and Jerry Taylor (RT), 231. 3. Tom Carbonell and Mouse Wolven (RT), 226. 4. Karen Heath and Pat Moran (OC), 180. 

Coffee and cake were served by the host team. 

On Nov. 29-30, the Orange City club was host to the Northern District Tournament. Twenty-four teams came to compete. 

These high scorers at the Main Event were: 1. Stan Williamson and Walt Bartels, Quail Hollow and Tavares clubs. 2. Chris Giumarra and Dee Metz, DeLand. 3. Mouse Wolven and Tom Carbonell, Coronado. 4. Jan Dally and Edna Triplett, DeLand and Coronado. 

The Consolation Event top scorers were: 1. Frank Cherill and Bob Robinson, Hawthorne. 2. John Giumarra and George Snyder, DeLand and Coronado. 3. Felix Piscitel li and Sigrid Reichert, Coronado. 4. Jerry and Arlene Jabaut, Coronado. 

Serving as directors were Richie and Carolyn Burrell. Coffee and doughnuts were served by the Orange City club.