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Editor’s note: The opinion pieces below were contributed by two students in Julie Kaidor’s fourth-grade class at St. Barnabas Episcopal School in DeLand.

We get to choose

By Kate Budzinski

Voting is important because it allows us to choose who we want to represent us and our ideas. The process of voting is filling a ballot with what you believe and who should be chosen for president or government.

The people that run the polls want us to have complete privacy, so we vote in what we believe in and don’t copy someone else’s vote.

Voting is a freedom because we should listen to everybody’s voice. But that’s not the way it started out. Two centuries ago, only white men were allowed to vote. This canceled all women’s voices and the voices of men of different shades. One century later, they finally opened voting up to everybody so all our voices were listened to, like they should be.

The right leader must be elected because they will be representing our entire country or state. They will also decide when to have war and when to have peace. They also decide what laws to make and break.

We never want to vote for a bad leader because our entire country (or state) will suffer.

Our Constitution is an important thing. It is a document containing the main laws that govern the United States. This document needs to be maintained by the right person, or things will get out of hand. Our Constitution (as you know) is an important document that needs to be kept in the right hands.

In conclusion, we should be thankful we have the freedom to vote. Also, a right leader must be chosen to represent us. Lastly, we should be careful who we vote for, because one vote can affect the entire country. That’s why voting’s important.

Voting expresses our freedom

By Hope Chaves

Voting is important because it gives people a voice. Voting also gives people freedom. The process of voting is filling out a ballot on Election Day.

Voting is also important because we all should have rights. We all need to vote because we all are smart, and will pick great leaders. Voting is a freedom because it is the one day of the year that millions of people make a change.

The right leader must be elected to make the right decisions.

If we choose a leader who is rude and makes bad decisions, well, the chances are if he/she is elected, they will make bad decisions. If we choose a leader who is not rude, the chances are he or she will make good decisions.

Our Constitution should be good. If we choose a good leader, he or she might make our rights different and better. That one little document holds all of our rights. If a leader changes that for the worse, voting laws may or may not go back to the way they were hundreds of years ago.

You should vote on Election Day. You, yes, you, could make a change. You have the freedom, you have the voice, and the right to vote. Vote for a change.