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Tanner Andrews

Well, it has been a couple of months since we last looked at the snowflakes of New Smyrna. The weather is warming up, and those snowflakes are not doing so well.

You may recall that the New Smyrna Beach cops were reduced to bawling like babies when publicly criticized. They earned that criticism by the simple expedients of not doing their jobs, and violating the law.

Because NSB has a pliant mayor who tolerates this stuff, police blubbering became criminal charges against Cristina March. I bring this up again because the court has recently and unceremoniously dismissed those charges of criticizing cops.

I looked at the state’s response to the motion to dismiss. It was the sort of shameful thing a lawyer ought not file. If that was their best argument, they should have stayed home. But really, it was just the state’s attorney trying to make life hard for a government critic.

I generally encourage people to take interest in their governments. They should be able to do this without fear that the heavy boot of the state will come down to crush them for their views. Sure, we all support prosecution through taxes, but we also lose information when people are scared to dissent.

Petty, whining little bureaucrats like Cayla Bartolucci, sniveling assistant state attorneys like McKenna Mundy, and complicit pols like R.J. Larizza, ought to be exposed and humiliated for poor public service. Shame on them for wasting tax money on frivolous prosecution and 217 pages of hurt feelings.

To further insult NSB taxpayers, Bartolucci, who created that 217-page whine at public expense, still appears to be sucking at the city teat. Unwilling or no longer able to make her way in private enterprise, she sniffles her way through life as an administrative lackey. I hope her tears do not stain the public’s documents.

What of the New Smyrna police, home of Bartolucci’s whining campaign? Now known as sensitive souls, they get to watch any remaining public respect evaporate. It may get so bad that they no longer dare show up at the doughnut shops, lest someone ask whether they are cyberstalking the coffee.

Technically, cops can still have doughnuts delivered, and technically they can still complain in-house, which is why, technically, we can guess what they are thinking — rats, that pesky First Amendment let another disrespectful citizen beat a contempt of cop charge on a technicality!

— Andrews is a DeLand-area attorney and a longtime government critic. For purposes of the column, he finds it convenient that there is so much government to criticize.