Russ White MUG

I haven’t received my hard copy of the Mueller Report yet, so I’ll hold off writing about it until I do. That said, I will comment on the actions of Attorney General William Barr prior to its release.

Barr proved what I warned of before his confirmation hearing. He’s nothing more than a political hack who believes the U.S. presidency is above the law like the king in a monarchy. We fought a war over that about 245 years ago. His side lost.

Barr told numerous demonstrable lies in his rollout, acting as the president’s personal defense attorney rather than the attorney of the American people. He needs to resign or be removed.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is using her run for the Democratic nomination to propose a powerful policy agenda aimed at the growing wealth and income inequality running rampant in this country and the world.

Her positions on abuses by the financial sector are well-known, and remain a centerpiece of her campaign. So, does her support for the concept of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all upgrade to the American health care system.

Her latest rollout of a concept to deal with the student-debt crisis in this country may be her boldest and most significant idea to date. Her plan would affect more than 40 million Americans, and would have a massive stimulatory effect on the U.S. economy.

Her plan would erase up to $50,000 in student-loan debt for borrowers who make under $100,000 a year, and would reduce the debt by $1 for every $3 of income above that. Only those making more than $250,000 a year would not see some benefit.

Imagine the impact of 40 million times $50,000 being put back into the American economy, as that debt, currently going into the pockets of the very wealthy instead, went into the purchase of homes or cars or into the creation of new small businesses.

She would also, going forward, eliminate tuition charges at all public universities and community colleges, freeing up that money for Pell Grants to cover the other costs of college attendance.

She would pay for this with a combination of corporate surtaxes and a wealth tax, modeled on those already existing and flourishing around the world, on estates with a value in excess of $50 million.

One educator has stated, this “is as consequential as the GI Bill.” He is right.

— White, a retired fire services chief in South Florida, lives in Orange City. Send email to