Russ White MUG

The past week or so saw the president engage in virtually all the traits making him unfit for office. Maybe the only one we didn’t see was his predatory sexual nature. All the rest, narcissism, corruption, racism, treason, etc., were on full display.

The corruption of this illegitimate president is no longer even hidden. Multiple stories show the degree to which he, and his administration, will go to funnel American taxpayer money directly into his pockets and those of his family businesses.

Whether it’s charging the Secret Service for golf carts, U.S. Air Force pilots going out of their way to stay at Drumpf resorts, or Vice President Mike Pence staying at a Drumpf resort 200 miles from his meeting location, with all the extra travel expense that entails, every story shows the open criminality this administration engages in. Any other elected official, at any level of government, would have been indicted and jailed long ago.

These “deadly sins” of governance converge in Venn diagrams of fraud and unscrupulousness. Take last week’s stories on the ridiculous wall this president has staked so much of his re-election hopes on. The one that isn’t being built. (Not a single inch of new wall has been built to date. All construction so far has been improvement and maintenance on existing barriers.) And Mexico isn’t paying.

To, illegally, get around Congress’ refusal to finance his monument to hate and fear, the administration is stealing money aimed at providing for the children of the American military, and from money allocated to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, and money to protect our allies from further Russian aggression.

He had planned to move a massive amount out of the Federal Emergency Management Agency before Hurricane Dorian and public exposure delayed that move. Listening, Florida?

But, two foreign-affairs stories most glaringly illuminate the malfeasance and treason of this illegitimate presidency. The first is the reporting that a U.S. spy, who had been near the top of the Russian government for decades, was extracted after Drumpf spilled classified information to Russian diplomats in the Oval Office, for fear that that spy would be compromised.

And, nothing demonstrates the utter narcissism, cluelessness and depravity of this president more than his plan to bring leaders of the Taliban to Camp David during 9/11 week. This one is worthy of a column unto itself.

I haven’t even mentioned “Sharpiegate,” kept in the news by our reality-show president to distract you from the rest of these stories.

— White, a retired fire services chief in South Florida, lives in Orange City. Send email to