Russ White MUG

Growing up, I played just about every sport that included a ball of some sort. The single rule in all of them is “Keep your eye on the ball.”

Americans should remember that right now. The “ball” in this case is the snowball the Robert Mueller hearings pushed off the side of the mountain of obstruction the president has put between Congress and the truth.

The extent and volume of the vile, racist, hate-filled bombast churned out by the president in the aftermath of the hearings is a sign of how deep his panic over them runs. He knows he must change the news cycle, or risk having his base exposed to those truths.

Republicans did what they could to misdirect attention away from the core findings of the Mueller report, asking more than 150 tin-foil-hat conspiracy questions. Mueller refused to take the bait, calmly stating he would not testify outside the “four corners of the report.”

Democrats, for their part, methodically led Mueller through the body of his report, exposing the president’s corruption and criminality like they were peeling back the layers of an onion.

While the hearings did not provide a dramatic aha! moment, they will be devastating in the long run, as the snowball rolls down the mountain, gathering momentum and mass.

There is already a commercial out showing the president claiming total exoneration, followed by a loop of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler asking Mueller, “Did your report totally exonerate the president?” and Mueller’s quiet, powerful, “No!” This is followed by video of a citizen saying, “I only watch conservative news; I didn’t know there was anything negative about the president in the report.”

Here is a short list of the truths exposed in the report, and amplified in the hearings:

1. Russia attacked us to help Drumpf.

2. Drumpf welcomed the help and did not notify American law enforcement.

3. Many of the people close to the president are criminals.

4. Drumpf and close associates repeatedly lied to investigators and hid or destroyed evidence.

5. Drumpf refused to personally testify, and his written answers were incomplete and “generally untruthful.”

6. There is plenty of evidence the president criminally obstructed justice, and he can be charged after he leaves office.

These truths are out, and many more are to follow. This snowball will become an avalanche. The president hates that, and he is projecting that hate loudly. These truths are out, and many more are to follow.

— White, a retired fire services chief in South Florida, lives in Orange City. Send email to