Russ White MUG

The battle in this country, currently playing out in the impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, is not a battle between Republicans and Democrats, although the parties have definitely chosen sides.

It is not between left and right, or liberals and conservatives, nor even top and bottom as you have seen me state in the past.

At its core, the battle going on in the impeachment is between right and wrong.

This president has no ideology other than self-interest. He never has. There is no action he has ever taken in the entirety of his misbegotten life that has not been for his own personal benefit. Any benefit to others or to the society as a whole has been an ancillary outcome secondary to Drumpf’s own personal profit.

In the particular case being argued before the Intelligence Committee, the president subordinated the national-security interests of this country, its well-established foreign policy toward Ukraine, and the very survival of that delicate democracy to the aspirations of his own personal political welfare.

That is wrong … and Republicans know it. It is why they cannot offer any real defense of the president or his actions. They are reduced to grandstanding over process, misdirection, and slandering of the heroic Americans who have stood up to say “That is wrong.”

Fortunately, the American deep state, the tree of liberty planted by the founders more than 225 years ago, has deep roots, and is filled with people who will stand up for what is right, and will speak truth to power, even at great personal peril and cost.

The list of these American heroes has grown long in opposition to the excesses of this administration: Sally Yates, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, and now Marie Yovanovitch and William Taylor. The list continues to expand.

The last time Republicans’ tendency for cultlike herd mentality came so close to destroying the great American experiment in democracy, the spell was broken by a simple phrase, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Perhaps we heard today’s version of that from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

“This is America,” Vindman said. “This is the country I’ve served and defended. That all of my brothers have served. And here, right matters.”

In America, right matters. Yes, it does. Well, to 60 percent of us, anyway. One can only hope the rest of us shake off the spell this evil man has cast on them.

— White, a retired fire services chief in South Florida, lives in Orange City. Send email to