Letter to the Editor: Be a team player; get vaccinated

LENDING A HAND — Pierson Town Council Member Sergia Cardenas is on-site March 12, to help translate and check individuals in at a Pierson vaccination clinic. Cardenas worked with the county Department of Health to ensure the clinic went off without a hitch, and she said she was happy to help locals get their COVID-19 vaccine shots. The Pierson clinic was the lastest in the Health Department’s efforts to get vaccines to underserved communities. The DOH said 134 people were vaccinated in Pierson March 12.


Editor, The Beacon:

Get the COVID vaccine. No one has died from the vaccines, nor has anyone vaccinated died or even been hospitalized. 

All living presidents, including Donald Trump, have taken the vaccine.

Without vaccination, 2.7 million have died worldwide. In the U.S., 550,000 have died and another 9-plus million “long haulers” have serious organ damage, including lungs, heart, kidney, liver and brains.

Not taking the vaccine puts your life and health at risk. It also risks the lives and health of your family, friends, co-workers, and workers where you shop and dine. You also make it easier for the virus to evolve into more deadly forms.

Be a team player. Help your country and the world beat this crisis. Get vaccinated.

Sam Sloss