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Reader appreciates Michael Braddock’s ‘West Volusia Memories’

Editor, The Beacon:

I’ve really enjoyed the recent “West Volusia Memories” by Michael Braddock.

Although most of the stories are before my time, they realistically take me back to a happy time when Florida was a different place. Fortunately, I’m lucky enough to have some real-life experiences to share.

In addition to being a great storyteller, Michael is my second cousin. He has always helped me out, whether it was working in the orange groves to earn extra money, or getting me through a number of challenging math courses (business calculus had to be the most difficult class ever)!

Best of all is Michael’s cooking.

He’s hosted family gatherings as far back as I can remember and always brings something “wild” to the church suppers.

He can cook anything, and his pan-fried venison is the best ever.

Looking forward to more great articles from Michael.

Thanks again for sharing.

Mark Smiley


DNC shouldn’t try to keep Bernie Sanders from being nominated

Editor, The Beacon:

I am a proud liberal. I would very much like to see Donald Trump defeated in November. However I am also very disappointed in what the Democrats are now doing again.

Four years ago, the DNC used their superdelegates to rob Bernie Sanders of the Democratic presidential nomination. We all know what that resulted in. Now they are once again trying to find ways to deprive him of the nomination.

As Albert Einstein is alleged to have said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Paul Marcinuk