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Agrees many religious leaders are too quiet regarding hatred and violence

Editor, The Beacon:

I applaud the Beacon letter in the Aug. 8-11 issue chastising our religious leaders for having a safe low-profile stance regarding the radical national atmosphere.

Actually, radical to the point of lethal. Actually, lethal to the point of prevalent, massive killings by high-powered weapons.

And, on another note, I’m sure glad that I’m brown and not artificial tangerine!

Kate Ruhlman


Fond memories of Little Joe Kollinger

Editor, The Beacon:

Once again, Bill Mancinik has evoked some very sweet memories with his latest column on the old service stations. His description of Little Joe Kollinger was spot on.

As it happened, Dad (Erskine Landis) owned that station and Little Joe leased it from him; thus it became a haven for my kids, for whom Little Joe always had a special treat. Dad thought the world of Little Joe, and I think the feeling was mutual.

The last time I saw him was in 1967 at Dad’s funeral at St. Barnabas. Mother and I and my three sisters were seated in the limo behind the hearse leaving the church for Oakdale when Little Joe began running alongside us.

Now he was called Little Joe for a reason: He was little! As he would try to catch Mom’s attention to say “Hi,” he would periodically jump up and down and wave in the window. This so convulsed us that the last thing folks saw of the Landis widow and daughters leaving the funeral was all of us doubled up in laughter. A questionable sight, for sure. One I shall never forget.

Sally Landis Bohon