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SunRail to DeLand would take cars off the road

Editor, The Beacon:

Every time the subject of SunRail service to DeLand comes up, someone always makes the same old statement that this will add only 200 more riders a day.

These naysayers need to take a look at the recent house construction going on around DeLand, particularly on the west side close to the train station. This, plus increased traffic around town in recent years, indicates a growing population.

With all the huge amounts of money being spent on wetland-destroying, wildlife-displacing roads, an extra 13 miles of SunRail service could take quite a few more cars off the road.

Dee Buckley


SunRail is a financial cancer

Editor, The Beacon:

Great story on the looming horrors of SunRail. Anyone who cared to do any research could have easily forecast greatly higher costs and lower ridership for this new commuter-rail system.

Aren’t so-called leaders supposed to know these things before pushing it on an uneducated populace? I guess not, because they figure that they will be long gone from office once it really hits the fan years later.

Had these “leaders” any guts, they would have asked the people to vote on it, because they are the ones who will be paying the tab forever. In fact, SunRail is a financial cancer that is just starting to grow on the body Volusia.

The only good news is that some of the Volusia County leaders are starting to see that this will become a disaster while they are still in office, so they need to start figuring out a way to lessen the hit to taxpayers.

Be thankful for that! Right now, it would be cheaper to give every SunRail user $20 for each ride and let them find their own way to get to Orlando and back. Unbelievable!

Now that people are waking up to what the county has stuck them with with no vote, it’s no wonder that they have rejected the last tax proposal supposedly for roads. They figure, correctly, that little will go to roads and more to the growing SunRail deficit.

One way or the other, taxpayers will feel this financial hit, but, hopefully, it will be smaller than what it could have been with a full (or fool) SunRail system.

Mike McGuire

Palm Coast

Reader to City of DeLand: Take another look at sign ordinance

Editor, The Beacon:

I believe that the City of DeLand needs to re-look at our sign ordinance.

The well-intentioned efforts to maintain the city’s historic style are overzealous.The crackdown on iconic, also historic, signs is causing much displeasure among its citizens.

Business owners must pay the cost of removal, replacement and potential loss of sales. Patrons will miss their nostalgic memories of the businesses.

Now they are targeting a small electronics-shop owner for displaying his wares in the store window.

It’s time to stop the madness and rethink your intentions.

What’s next? Will they try to turn DeLand into another Waldo, with speed traps to generate more revenue?

I appeal to Mr. Pleus and the City Commission to stop the madness. Please don’t turn DeLand into Gestapoville.

Paul Marcinuk