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We need someone like Theodore Roosevelt today

Editor, The Beacon:

Here is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt during his time as police commissioner of New York City (when he attempted to recruit policemen from every ethnic group present in the city’s population). The quote is from Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Leadership: In Turbulent Times, which looks at Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

“‘When one man attacked another because of his breed or birthplace, I got rid of him in summary fashion,’ Roosevelt claimed.”

We could wish for someone of this caliber to deal with Donald Trump.

Patricia M. Fort


Reader afraid for the future of America

Editor, The Beacon:

I have received, once again, an email showing a young woman ranting that people who don’t hate Muslims have forgotten 9/11 and have no respect for the flag.

After that, my husband received one that compared undocumented immigrants in our country to raccoons in the basement, suggesting that we should do whatever it takes to eradicate them.

The president, who lies to us daily, encourages right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists to come out from under the rock where they used to have to live and has given them exposure and a voice at the White House.

The secretary of state has formed a committee to re-examine and redefine human rights.

Children and adults are being kept in squalid conditions at the border as a supposed deterrent to their coming here.

I for one, am exhausted by the constant chaos, embarrassed by the president, disgusted by most of this administration’s actions, and terrified for America’s future.

Many of you will disagree. After all, the economy is doing great. Well, so was Germany after Hitler came to power.

But that couldn’t happen here, right? Good people will prevent it. Laws will prevent it. Lawmakers will prevent it. The Justice Department will prevent it. The Supreme Court will prevent it. The much-maligned free press will prevent it. The military will prevent it. Prayer will prevent it.

Please, please, please search for and read “The Ten Stages of Genocide.” Our Great Again America is at No. 6.

Carolyn Kieler