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Appalled by president’s actions

Editor, The Beacon:

I am appalled and disgusted by the actions of the president. No sooner did he publish the guidelines for the governors to consider in reopening, than he has deliberately incited and encouraged civil disobedience of lawful governor orders when protesting.

This is unpardonable dereliction of duty, to protect the citizens. This crass act to enhance and incite his supporters to disobey in the name of liberty, but really in effect to support his election chances, jeopardizes all of us.

This is hardly presidential leadership; it is crass, unbelievable action that jeopardizes all of us.

Charles Piligian


Circular intersection at Orange Camp and MLK a bad idea

Editor, The Beacon:

The Florida Department of Transportation, which answers to no one and listens to no one, recently installed circular intersections at two locations in DeLand. Both were places where there was a fairly small amount of traffic free-flowing on through roads and stop signs on side streets.

Both are failures; they do not maintain the continuous flow of traffic and frequently have backups that extend some way. They would be much bigger failures if there were more traffic from all four ways and more lanes of traffic feeding into the circles.

Learning no lessons from what is visible to all, Volusia County has decided to install a circular intersection at Orange Camp Road and MLK Beltway. This is a signalized intersection with massive volumes of traffic from all four directions. They plan to increase the number of lanes for only one road, which means much crossing of lanes while in the intersection. The only way it will work will be when most of us find another way to get where we need to go.

Most drivers need specific external directions, not the opportunity to make their own rules.

Diane Congdon