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Do hardcore Trump supporters support even his transgressions

Editor, The Beacon:

I have an open question to hardcore Trump supporters. I’ve assembled a list of some of Trump’s actions while in office. Question for you is — Do you honestly support all of these transgressions?

Firing of FBI Director James Comey after he refused to drop FBI investigation as well as asking personal “loyalty” from him.

Failure to disclose taxes; numerous appointees and advisers charged with fraud or corruption; family separation policies that were since rescinded for being cruel; saying the media are the enemy of the people; saying there are fine people on both sides after a woman was murdered at a white-supremacist rally; inviting Taliban to Camp David in a tweet and then abruptly canceling; allegedly attempting to force Ukraine to investigate Biden and his family by cutting off aid to Ukraine and then openly asking China to interfere in the next election. Actually said he didn’t want Bahama residents coming to U.S. after devastating hurricane because many are gang members or drug dealers.

Of course there was Sharpiegate, where he drew a line on a weather map to falsify the track of Hurricane Dorian.

This president also routinely attacks and insults his own Cabinet members who dare question his tactics.

So, do his die-hard supporters really go along in lockstep with all of this mess, or does some of it raise alarm bells?

I can see supporting certain achievements like increased border security or appointment of conservative judges, but as a middle-of-the-road voter who has seen some good in every president from George W. Bush to Obama, I honestly can’t find much to like here.

Mark J. Smiley


Appreciates local journalism

Editor, The Beacon:

The first thing I did upon moving to DeLand was to subscribe to this paper. I believe that local journalism is important to individuals, community and democracy. Local news sources are uniquely qualified to give me the information I need.

The article on homelessness and mental illness, “Blood on the Boulevard …” supports my decision. This piece on an important topic tied the tragedy of violence with the issue of scarcity of mental-health services in a way that maintained the humanity of the individuals and clarified why interventions are not available. Thank you for this well-researched, timely article.

Lyda Kiser


Spending time with dogs is life-affirming

Editor, The Beacon:

You want to turn around a bad day, go out to Barkley Square and watch the dogs, all of them right at home at every stage of life, in any state of disrepair. The latest squirrel sighting makes big news, and each dog’s butt that presents is a life-affirming opportunity.

Probably a nod and a handshake make better sense for the rest of us, but that shouldn’t diminish the lesson.

Brad Mason


— Barkley Square Dog Park is at 1010 N. Ridgewood Ave., west of the DeLand city limits.

Some really sloppy paperwork

Editor, The Beacon:

I have $174,000 in stock dividends. This was according to a DeLand Social Security phone call regarding a tax return.

When I told the rep that I hadn’t filed, she screamed (she really did!), “Oh yes, you did. I have it right here in front of me.”

I traipsed right to the office and met this person. She wouldn’t show me the screen but did give me IRS info for Daytona.

The IRS person gave me papers showing that I had not filed and the $174,000 dividends were nonexistent.

Again, I traipsed to Social Security to hand over the papers.

I wasn’t able to give them directly to Mrs. So & So. She was “really busy.”

This began scamlike but ended as sloppy paperwork and then some.

I’m annoyed but also dreaming of having all of those dividends!

Kate Ruhlman