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Recent music festival too loud

Editor, The Beacon:

DeLand Original Music Festival hits DeLand with loud noise.

The West Volusia Beacon reports that the music festival in DeLand Nov. 3-4 had music styles for all ages. In reality, it had styles of noise for some, and music for a few.

What was billed as music was the rev and roar of loud noise.

The music festival was actually something for most to avoid     and not enjoy. Music festivals should bring the best of harmonious and relaxing music for the whole family.

Robert Shaw


DeLand High alumnus offers thanks

Editor, The Beacon:

Lord knows I’m not a hero, I know I’ll never be, But recently I got a chance, To see how that would feel.

It was our 60th high-school reunion, and along with alumni of the past, you honored us like royalty, and made us feel first-class.

Not just a school but a town turned out to return us to the fold, In spite we didn’t look the same and the years had claimed their toll. It all began at the new high school since fire wiped out the old.

For most of two hours DHS put on a show, The effort and the love meant more than they will ever know. Coming home felt good again and made us feel aglow.

The Boulevard was shut down to traffic thanks to city leaders, and soon the band, the team and others, marched proudly down the street there.

Alums came in five-year increments, riding proud on each year’s float, and here’s the moment we felt strongest, riding down our hometown road.

You packed the sidewalks on both sides as far as one could see. You cheered for us and clapped your hands the likes we’d never seen.

You made us feel a part of you in spite of all the years, You took us in and made it clear, home is always here.

So thank you, DeLand High School, and thank you, our hometown. It’s nice to know that you’re always there, whenever we’re around.

Kenneth Stivers

DeLand High School Class of 1958