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Foul language should not be tolerated

Editor, The Beacon:

I could not believe what I was hearing at the June 17 City Commission meeting in Deltona and the language coming out of some of the residents’ mouths. Being passionate and caring about an issue is one thing, but being downright stupid and insulting in your comments is quite another.

There was even a child in the chamber at the time, and probably many more at home who were watching. Did any of those foulmouthed residents even consider that? How appalling and disgusting were their remarks. And not only that, but the mayor and others were threatened.

The person who called from out of state in reference to the mayor, saying “I’m coming after you,” should be investigated.

I admire the mayor for keeping her calm through this long city embarrassment, when, in fact, she should have had the deputies escort the individuals out.

Edward Edmonds


Failure to uphold the law in Deltona

Editor, The Beacon:

Deltona city commissioners once again failed to uphold the ethics law they signed when they became commissioners. City Manager Jane Shang admitted that she broke the law and defrauded the citizens of Deltona, Volusia County, and the State of Florida.

To commit voter fraud against the people is a crime of unforgivable proportions. One of our most sacred rights in America is the right to free and fair elections.

We, the people, take that right very seriously.

Jane Shang made a choice to defraud the citizens of the state of Florida. Jane Shang chose to vote in the wrong district. Jane Shang chose to sign the ballots saying her address was City Hall. She chose not to ask for an exception from the supervisor of elections.

She made these choices all by herself; she said it was a mistake. The only mistake was that she got caught.

The city commissioners voted 5-2 to keep a non-trustworthy person as the city manager. This should tell everyone in the city of Deltona that the majority of the commissioners do not care about a single one of them.

It also says they have no ethics or integrity as leaders of our city. After the vote on the manager, the commissioners then voted to keep the assessment for solid waste at $202, basically keeping $21 for recycling that they are not picking up anymore. That’s on top of the $14 they kept from this fiscal year.

After that, they moved on to stormwater assessment. They agreed to raise it from $108 to $128; this is after previous meetings, where they chose to raise fees for everything in the city and after they chose to keep the millage rate the same, which amounts to an automatic 3-percent increase in any homesteaded property.

So let’s look at this as a whole. The city commissioners choose not to terminate a city manager who admitted to breaking the law, then raise taxes and fees, and want to keep your money without giving the services the money was for, oh, and raise water and sewer rates, all the while they keep telling the citizens they need to cut back on their own budgets so the city can keep sticking their hands in the citizens’ pockets, digging for every last penny as they protect a person who admitted to defrauding the voters.

If this looks like a pattern to you, then you may very well see that this is nothing more than taking every penny they can in little increments to starve the seniors on fixed incomes and to push the poor out of the city.

This is nothing more than a power grab and a money grab by the City of Deltona. It’s time the people in the city decide if they can work elsewhere and still live in the city of Deltona or if it’s time to move out and abandon the dictatorship now known as Deltona City Hall.

Elbert Bryan



President’s offenses don’t bother Rauschenberger

Editor, The Beacon:

I’ve tried to ignore Beacon columnist David Rauschenberger, but he won’t go away, and I’ve seen only a few letters challenging his views. Obviously this man lives in a bubble and is not disturbed by mundane bits like ignoring subpoenas, suborning perjury, and giving aid and comfort to an enemy — Russia — which has just attacked our national elections.

And ’rump refuses to galvanize a concerted response to Russia’s “retry” in 2020.

This is yellow-dog journalism at its worst. Rauschenberger seeks to convict/convince by name-calling: “weasels!” and “fake news!” And he misstates the obvious.

Of all the nations involved in the Iranian agreement, only ’rump found Iranian noncompliance. He calls himself a pundit but is to my mind only a shill at best.

There has never been a time when a president’s foreign policy was not critiqued. Iran did not start up its nuclear program until ’rump pulled us out of the agreement and began making warlike moves.

This talk about a growing economy ignores the fact that almost half the workers in this country are close to the poverty line. And Rauschenberger calls that success? What good is low unemployment when wages are poverty-level low?

Rauschenberger’s GOP accuses the media of doing what its propaganda arm (Fox) does daily: lie, obfuscate, and deflect to keep its voters in their bubble.

If Hillary had won, we would still be the leader of the free world. We would not be embroiled in the worst presidential scandals of our time. There would not be a dozen investigations into her campaign, into obstruction, and into illegal emoluments — to name a few.

There would be no outright assault on our intelligence agencies. Cabinet members would not be accused of using their office for self-enrichment. States would not be able to suppress/weaken the vote through gerrymandering.

If Hillary had won, America would still be on its progressive march to make our government one that works for all, not just the favored few. And our Constitution would not be under constant attack.

Julius C. Bennett