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PROUD STUDENT AND TEACHER — Blayde Proudfoot, a fifth-grader at Manatee Cove Elementary, smiles for a photo with teacher Katherine Crane, left.

Praise for a great teacher


Mrs. Katherine Crane is the best teacher anyone could ask for! Why, you ask? Well for one, she is always there for our class (us). Anytime we need someone to talk to — BOOM, Mrs. Crane is there!

She’s like an aunt to all of us, whatever we choose to believe. Children, being one myself, I know we love to have fun. Mrs. Crane can always find a way to make us have fun, but we still learn about what we need to.

We are a family in our class, and have been for two years.

My name is Blayde Proudfoot. I’m 10 years old and in the fifth grade at Manatee Cove Elementary.

My teacher Mrs. Crane is a gifted teacher and has been with our class since the fourth grade.

(According to Blayde’s mom, Crane told her students goodbye for the year last year, and all the kids were crying. She then told them she was moving up with them to the fifth grade. You can imagine the cheers.)

I will never forget the knowledge I’ve learned from her.

Now moving on to what she does for me.

For one, she’s optimistic, and it really brings up my spirits either when I’m tired or having a bad day.

Another reason is how she acts toward us as a family.

It makes me feel like I’m accepted into a group of people that I platonically LOVE!

She has patience, and understanding, and I want to nominate her my Mentor!

Thank you, Mrs. Crane.


Blayde, 2020

Time for stay-at-home order

Editor, The Beacon:

What the heck is wrong with Gov. DeSantis? It is time for him to issue a statewide stay-at-home order for Florida.

The cases in this state are rising; the unemployment system is failing.

This is a state full of elderly people, and they will die! When will Gov. DeSantis do the right thing and shut down this state? Screw the economy.

The coronavirus numbers checked on March 31 at 8:44 p.m.:

Positive: 6,741

Negative: 56,644

Pending: 1,261

Hospitalized: 912

Dead: 85

The governor should stop looking to the idiot in chief, because he will look like an idiot as well.

I urge Gov. DeSantis to close the state!

Terry Commean


— Editor’s note: Gov. DeSantis announced his intention to issue a stay-at-home order during an April 1 press conference. The order goes into effect 12:01 a.m. Friday, April 3.

A matter of perspective

Editor, The Beacon:

Liars and wrongdoers. Depends on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.

Today I read about the Baltimore mayor sentenced to three years in prison for book fraud.

The amazing part is that as usual, being a Democrat, she apologized for her wrongdoing.

I can think of a long list of Democrats who accepted their being caught. This is especially clear when thinking of Al Franken, Katie Hill and Anthony Weiner, all accused of wrongdoing.

That was enough for them to walk away from their political careers. All Democrats.

But those Republicans ... Alabama’s Roy Moore, Michael Flynn (a general), Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Donald Trump ... never admitted, never took responsibility for their actions. Several convicted of crimes. Liars all of them.

The general even pleaded guilty but now is taking back that plea in hopes of “getting off the hook of punishment by his president.”

And, in fact, a president crying for the poor criminals who worked for him. Lamenting the harsh treatment of his henchmen.

Denying in the face of convictions that they did anything wrong.

Where are the self-righteous Republicans demanding honesty and decency from their elected officials? No, none of that from them.

Republicans seem to be able to throw away all the previous claims of doing what’s right for the country in favor of some dreamed-up win for “their side.”

Instead, we have three years of attacks on all Democrats from the White House and the president’s minions.

Divide-and-conquer tactics. Encourage hate rules. Four more years of that reeks of the end of our democracy.

Well, good luck to all of us keeping our American freedom.

Remember, “after they came for those others, they came for me.”

Judith Southard