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Thanks for bringing back lifeguards at DeLeon

Editor, The Beacon:

I want to thank The Beacon and DeLeon Springs State Park for working together to bring back lifeguards to the park. Earlier, the Division of Recreation and Parks had decided to do away with lifeguards at DeLeon Springs. This may have lessened the number of children coming to the park.

Beacon reporters contacted the state in their investigation, and the state decided to reinstate lifeguards to the park. The staff at the park have been extremely welcoming to the lifeguards.

On the morning of June 29, I watched more than 200 elementary-school children in blue shirts enjoy our amazing park! They were having so much fun, laughing, being active, and actually learning water skills. 

They were later eating a picnic lunch under trees that were growing when Ponce de Leon entered Florida for the first time.

Personally, I would rather have the pool to myself, but it was thrilling to see these children enjoying our amazing park.

As a sidelight, I was told the lifeguards made three lifesaving rescues in the first weekend they were on duty.

Thank you to The Beacon, and thank you to DeLeon Springs State Park!

Elizabeth “Beeg” Camarota


Racism is, indeed, still very much alive and well

Editor, The Beacon:

I did not read the commentary by Linda Dorian to which he refers, but I must disagree with Mr. Gorman’s letter to the editor in the June 21-24 Weekend edition of The Beacon. 

The election of Donald ’rump gets my nomination for “... never-ending reminders of racism.” Aren’t you able to put the Civil War in its proper context now that you’re an adult?

This war was not fought because the majority wanted to end slavery. It was fought because the great minority who owned slaves were able to convince poorer people to fight and to die to “preserve their way of life.”

The civil rights movement occurred because a minority rose up to demand an end to the hiatus between what was constitutionally promised and what was actually given to black citizens.

Given voter suppression and the other quasi-legal tools now used by the GOP to win elections, racism is alive and well, and is festering right below the veneer of liberalism exhibited by too many Americans.

A truer test of equality in America should be the ability of the average black person to compete for jobs. Certainly some blacks have had prestigious positions, but they had to be exceptional (Obama, Jeh Johnson) people regardless of color.

A case-in-point is the current president: He inherited his wealth. His success in college is highly questionable; certainly his verbal ability is “poor high school” at best.

His business ventures have ended in bankruptcies. He is an admitted assaulter of women. He is an inveterate liar whose lies can change in the same sentence.

He is openly courting our enemies by refusing to address or punish their attacks on our electoral system. He is a xenophobe, an accused pedophile and a race-baiter. Nothing in his past made him eligible for the job.

Nevertheless, evangelicals, and other voters, flocked to his side. And he was elected to the presidency simply because of the racism some deny still exists and resent being reminded of.

Julius C. Bennett