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Roundabouts offer a win-win situation

Editor, The Beacon:

Let’s stop the roundabout about roundabouts! They have been proved to solve big problems and save taxpayer money.

They are a smart, proven way to continually move traffic. You do not have to stop for a light and wait for other cars to go. I live off Orange Camp Road, so I have witnessed the two daily rush hours (pre-COVID-19), where cars back up on Orange Camp Road all the way to I-4. You sit and sit, puffing exhaust, for a half-hour.

Roundabouts move traffic around. They can handle massive amounts of traffic; think Rome, Paris or London, who use roundabouts in urban intersections. The center of the roundabout can display a bed of flowers, a sculpture or trees.

Roundabouts are elegant. They will increase the value of area homes because they are sophisticated, a fitting entrance to the town of DeLand, or to the Victorias, or to Daytona Beach on ISB.

Because roundabouts keep traffic moving, they “calm traffic.” Head-on collisions, the kind that frequently happen at the intersection of Orange Camp and MLK, do not happen.

Collisions are broadside, not as lethal.

Saving taxpayer money? There is no stoplight to buy or keep up, which costs the county thousands of dollars a year.

Also, if the light goes out, the traffic moves on as normal. And Volusia County does not need to spend millions to widen Orange Camp from I-4 to MLK and add more complicated lanes.

A bonus is those of you living in Victoria Gardens and Hills can more safely turn if the traffic is calmed.

Roundabouts are win-win.

Suze Peace