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Praise for veterinarians

Editor, The Beacon:

’Tis the season to give thanks and count our blessings!

Here in DeLand and surrounding areas, we have great cause to do so.

As someone who very much loves animals, l can truly say that my praise and thankfulness are for DeLand Animal Hospital, owned and operated by husband and wife Dr. Thomas MacPhail and Dr. Deborah Ulbrich, for their loving care and commitment to all animals who come into their lives.

They help Ahopha - Tom Scotti Wildlife Rescue, Journey’s End, Volusia/City - Animal Clinic, the Daytona Beach Police Department and Volusia County Sheriff’s Office K9 officers, and My Angel With Paws Service Animals, and these and many other charitable acts are done quietly and without fanfare or profit.

For them, it is never just about the money; they donate much of their time and expertise to animals who would otherwise not get medical care.

We should all be very grateful that they undertook this brave step and had the courage to open a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week clinic in our community, that is available for emergencies and daily care.

It is such a comfort to know that your aging animal or your pet who has experienced an accident can get immediate help.

Before they took this giant step, the closest emergency care was almost all the way to Daytona Beach.

Both Dr. MacPhail and Dr. Ulbrich are much, much more than just veterinarians; they are friends who share your concerns and do everything in their power to help your pets.

I have never met two nicer people! They spare nothing in their efforts to obtain the best and latest technology and equipment and endeavor to hire doctors, technicians and office staff who share their values.

I am 74 years old, and have been a client at DeLand Animal Hospital for 14 years. I am not related to anyone there, and gain nothing from this letter except to openly express my thanks.

DeLand is truly blessed and can sleep better at night knowing emergency care is so close and the doctors and staff are so friendly, caring and capable.

So, as you look into the eyes of those precious little animals that you love so much, just take comfort.

Blessing? Yes! We have them in DeLand Animal Hospital with these two special doctors, who have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to quality, compassionate health and happiness of our animals.

Dover Lee



Thankful for the Mother and Child sculpture

Editor, The Beacon:

The African American Museum of the Arts was gifted the Mother and Child sculpture by the City of DeLand and the Sculpture Walk Committee.

Many thanks to John Wilton and Ray Johnson for their diligence in seeing the project completed to the end.

The sculpture was uniquely handcrafted out of sandstone by the South Florida sculptor John Merchant.

Additional thanks to John Merchant for his financial support in the mounting of Mother and Child.

The sculpture is permanently placed in the planter at 322 S. Clara Ave., across the street from the museum, at the Maxwell and Irene D. Johnson Cultural Park, where it is displayed as the centerpiece for the park.

The Mother and Child sculpture is an asset to the beautification of the museum’s cultural park and a cultural enhancement for the community.

Mary Allen


— Allen is executive director of the African American Museum of the Arts, 325 S. Clara Ave., DeLand.

Charmed by DeLand

Editor, The Beacon:

Having traveled all over the world, I was pleasantly surprised this past weekend when I visited DeLand. My stay at the lovely DeLand Hotel was a treat in hotel hospitality; that was the best service I ever had.

The owners and staff, especially Austin, showed me how hotel guests used to be treated, perhaps before chain service manuals were written.

My trip highlight was the positively gorgeous Stetson Mansion Christmas tour, whose theme this year was kindness. Replete with hand-done decorations put in place by one of the Mansion’s owners himself, the lovely restored home left me without words to describe such beauty.

The DeLand Historical Tours took me around to see how present owners have kept and restored the memories of an America not quite gone. Seeing the home one owner bought for $1 and restored himself just left me in awe.

Thank you, DeLand, for a Christmas gift I will never forget.

Suzanne Eovaldi