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Let’s welcome people fleeing oppression

Editor, The Beacon:

As a kid, I lived across the street from John Eickhoff. He and his family escaped from Germany and settled in Connecticut, where he eventually managed a wonderful grocery store, Gristedes.

When I was in high school, my classmates, Yolanda and Nelson, fled Cuba in the first wave of departures from the Castro regime. My college classmates included people from Latvia and Lithuania, escaping Soviet oppression.

Since then, I’ve traded with grocery stores and shops run by Vietnamese refugees who settled in Florida. I recently bought some bread from a woman who is from the Balkans. A person of Mexican descent fixed my refrigerator, and a Venezuelan engineer works in my office.

I don’t understand and absolutely reject the idea that people who are under threat where they live should not be accepted in this country. All my life, I’ve known and appreciated people who came here under duress from different places. What is wrong with that?

Joan Carter