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Editor, The Beacon:

“He owns it. Shut it down,” called David Rauschenberger, your “Right Direction” editorial writer, in the first part of his editorial.  Shut down the government so Trump can get the money from U.S. taxpayers to pay for his wall.

Let 10,000s of federal employees worry over their finances at Christmastime. Let 100,000s of people be shut out of national parks and forests during the holiday season. Let TSA scramble to figure out how to protect our airports during the busiest travel season on a diminished budget. None of that should deter a thoughtful leader. No sir.

Oh, wait a minute, late-breaking news flash, Mr. Rauschenberger continues to write. … Trump should take Congress’ compromise.  Because, after all, Mr. Rauschenberger’s friend is planning on getting married in a federal park in Orange City and a government shutdown will interfere with her plans.

Is this the real mentality of conservatives?

“Rah, rah, build a wall.” Oh, but don’t inconvenience my family and friends in the process.

What hypocrisy!

To hell with the profound and irreversible impact this absurd boondoggle will have on the ecology of the region or the people in the area. Who cares that the majority of Americans don’t agree with building this monstrosity on our border? Who cares about the fact that this $5-plus billion will do absolutely nothing to solve the real issues that force people to seek asylum in our country?

And who cares that Mexico was going to pay for this wall? Did you conveniently forget that little fact, Mr. Rauschenberger?

The majority of reasonable human beings know that this wall is no solution. It is a publicity stunt trumped up by a reality-TV personality that happened to come out of his mouth at a rally. It got a big response, so he kept chanting it. But the truth is, it’s a huge waste of money.

The world is in the middle of the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Forty percent of the world’s population is living in poverty today. Do we really think a wall on our southern border is going to keep out the suffering of the world?

If our president were a real leader with real vision, he would be saying to those leaders in Mexico and Central America, “We are all being affected by terrible suffering happening in your region.  We are willing to appropriate funds to address this situation. If you will work on a jointly developed and funded, collaboratively implemented and verifiable solution with us, we pledge to work together with your governments for the good of all the people who are being forced to leave their homes and the good of our country, too.”

But this doesn’t fit in the conservatives’ playbook right now. This type of solution can’t be said in a sound bite. It can’t be used to foment and cause fear in a crowd.

Please, comrades (as Rauschenberger is fond of calling us), realize that if our country is going to regain its senses, it is up to us to speak up for what is right and not be led any deeper into this morass of madness that is posing as policy and leadership right now. Call your senators and representative and say “no” to this crazy wall.

And, to you, Mr. Rauschenberger, it’s time that you think!

Jora Young