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Ordinary Americans and most media outlets honor the heroes among us

Editor, The Beacon:

Contrary to conservative news sound bites, there’s no war on unity underway in our country today. We remain a proud, competent, energetic people, who join together daily to demonstrate our practical skills, civility and courage.

Newspapers, TV and internet channels are brimming with examples of bravery, selflessness and rallying to do the hard work in dealing with COVID-19. We collectively admire and applaud the heroes among us, without regard to their political persuasions.

Right-wing extremists should take a break from their continual diet of fear and conspiracy theories to see the positive in American people. Open your eyes to the strengths and values of the huge majority of moderate Americans doing the right things in our broad political middle. Check out trusted and factual information sources from here and around the world, instead of heavy doses of fringe pundits on talk radio and obscure websites.

Rather than a war on unity, large numbers of fact-based media outlets in America have joined hands with rational, well-informed citizens and political leaders to fight a war against the idiocy being thrown up daily by the corrupt core in the White House. People are fighting a hub of corruption, incompetence and stupidity, not unity.

Greg Heeter