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Fight continues for women to have control of their bodies

Editor, The Beacon:

Thanks to columnist Russ White for highlighting the never-ending battle for women to control their bodies. The states continue to pass more restrictive legislation. This year is the worst ever.

Although having children is a joint endeavor, men continue to control women’s bodies, mostly white men, with the help of some deluded women.

Politicians have worked for years to rev up hysteria over this issue. They use the magical reverence for life envisioned in the minds of people thumping a drum for their particular interpretation of the Bible or other religious writing.

Never mind that these writings recommended lots of killings, and never promoted real reverence for the life of any being after birth.

After years of exhausting marches, loud shouting, the begging of legislators and pleadings to anyone within earshot, nothing has helped us get this all behind us.

This is not just about abortion. All birth-control methods and women’s health care are in jeopardy from these fanatical thinkers.

People like to be pandered to by politicians. Manipulation of the ill-informed is a politician’s expertise. So, the closed minds of the religious base are sponges for woman-hating.

They believe the religious tripe. They swallow the male-dominated rhetoric. They all toddle along believing all the garbage. This has been part of religion and politics since the beginning. More than 2,000 years of controlling women.

Of course, when the anti-woman faction has someone get pregnant, they suddenly believe it is OK to have their girlfriend, daughter or lover go for a retreat somewhere and return not pregnant. That includes very religious, outspoken women. Such hypocrisy!

But we need not submit anymore. Now we have a chance to take it all into our own hands without the need for legions of white guys, religious fanatics and misguided women to control our right to care.

Plan C. Please, link to it, read and view it, pass the information, support the project. Women can stop begging fanatics to be on our side. Help is needed to move the conversation from fear and anger, toward an empowering solution. One that still so many people do not know exists.

Plan C. We can do it ourselves. Plan C, the new mission of our lives. Look up Plan C.

At 17, I was forced to have a child. My school was interrupted, and my life was completely altered. No birth control. No abortion. Not allowed to finish school. Later, a Catholic doctor refused to give me birth control because he was Catholic.

Two thousand years of a religion has no right to dictate any woman’s life. Six years later, that doctor was happy to give me pills. He had divorced his wife, and married his nurse after an affair, so his religion did not matter anymore.

Judith Southard