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Disturbed by coverage

Editor, The Beacon:

I am deeply disturbed by the story you’ve printed regarding the 3,000-person party in DeLand over the weekend.

When I was young, our society looked to those of you who provided the news as being honorable, unbiased, and dedicated to truth and justice. When did those values become outdated?

Why would a newspaper report one side of the situation without asking questions regarding perceptions of those they were interviewing?

When did sensationalism, sensationalism to the point of actually withholding relevant information, sensationalism that has no basis in truth, sensationalism intended to fuel one of our country’s most volatile dilemmas, become the way The West Volusia Beacon reports the news?

You should be ashamed of yourselves, looking for readership by being despicable, dishonest and repulsive? Shame on you!

L. Axel

Hollywood, Florida

Publisher’s note: The Beacon requested information from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and DeLand Police Department, and reported it, along with information from our interviews conducted on the scene and afterward. We are not immune to mistakes, and we appreciate all opinions expressed about our coverage; they help us learn. In this case, we stand by our reporting and our story.

— Barb Shepherd