David Rauschenberger MUG

Some people think I’ll be playing defense for the next two years.  I’d point out that opportunity after opportunity to gain an advantage will be availed to my president and the 53 senators on my side for those two short years. Don’t doubt me.

The first opportunity is the appointment of the next U.S. attorney general. That appointment can only be eclipsed by another Supreme Court justice opening. And that could happen. Two years is a long time. But let’s not lose focus.

Trump’s attorney general pick is huge. That person, first and foremost, should be a person whom Democrats loathe. We need a Republican “Eric Holder.” And that, my friends, does not make me a racist.

President Barack Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, was a political gatekeeper. His specialty was ignoring the law.

Obama’s second attorney general, Loretta Lynch, kicked it up a notch by meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix to save Hillary. Their behavior was criminal. Obama gloats that nobody in his administration was ever indicted. Well, duh.

My skepticism that anything can ever repair our republic is only increased by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obvious focus on getting President Donald Trump.

Mueller may be a Republican, but the Democrats he hired to assist him prove a bias against his obvious target. And that target is anyone who supports Trump.

Trump defeated Hillary in a fair and legitimate election, contrary to what Democrats believe. No votes were stolen, and no voter intimidation occurred because of some backroom deal between Trump and the Russians. Prove me wrong. Provide factual proof. Mueller can’t.

President Trump should waste no time nominating an attorney general who can actually cut through the perversion of our Justice Department that Obama fomented.

Mueller is a cancer in our republic. His unfettered power should be deemed unconstitutional. In retrospect, his actions and the actions of Attorney General Lynch before him just cheapen our republic in the eyes of our enemies and friends around the world.

Mueller needs to stop trying to convict as many of Trump’s family, friends and business associates as possible because of a bunch of chapped Democrats who thought Hillary would be king.

Russian collusion was the gateway drug for rogue prosecutor Mueller. Ken Starr was no different.

Honestly, Trump needs to get a new and tough attorney general before the Resistance assumes majority power in the House of Representatives. In the immortal words of Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone, Mueller’s “no daisy.” He’s “no daisy at all.”

Think …

— Rauschenberger, an accountant, lives in Orange City. Send email to drausch@bellsouth.net or info@beacononlinenews.com.