David Rauschenberger MUG

In one of my favorite movies The Untouchables, character Jimmy Malone (played by actor extraordinaire Sean Connery), dying on the floor, asks Eliot Ness (played by some guy named Costner), “What are you prepared to do?”

Lately, I’ve been thinking about that scene a lot. It’s intense.

Malone was asking Ness if he could “cross the line” to get Mafia kingpin Al Capone. It was a struggle between the law and the necessary defeat of an opposing force requiring an anything-goes, no-holds-barred offensive from the government establishment.

My Democrat friends should watch this movie. It’s all about folks in government taking the law into their own hands, perverting the process for a desired outcome, and hiding it after the fact.

A guy named Barr, a guy named Durham, and Inspector General Michael Horowitz are going to have something to say about the untouchables in the Democrat Party swamp. Don’t doubt it.

The difference between the movie and reality is that people in one party believe themselves to be the “good guys” doing anything possible to defeat those they find to be the “bad guys” in the other party.

My Democrat friends need to know that kicking our president out of office, no matter how arrogant or unseemly he may seem, will never be accepted. I’m sorry, but Republicans aren’t going to stand for some railroad job where Democrats get to kick out our president with some trumped-up charge by an anonymous source produced by their accomplices in the deep state.

Movies are fun, and really good ones can make you believe that you too would compromise your values if put into the same situation.

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff is Eliot Ness, but he’s not. And President Donald Trump’s not Al Capone; he’s just the guy your neighbors voted into office. That victory, in and of itself, is really what Dems find to be “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

There’s still time to abandon the lynching of Trump via bogus impeachment proceedings. The Senate won’t convict him. And all of the remaining candidates languish in the coverage they aren’t getting from their mainstream-media partners, while Schiff and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suck all the air out of the room.

I shouldn’t write about movies or advise my Democrat friends as to the folly of their actions. What are they prepared to do? They lie, create false narratives, and accuse the president of the same thing they have former Vice President Joe Biden on tape admitting! And it’s no movie. Think …

— Rauschenberger, an accountant, lives in Orange City. Send email to drausch@bellsouth.net or info@beacononlinenews.com.