David Rauschenberger MUG

I don’t care a lick about Russian collusion. I don’t give a damn about what didn’t happen in 2016. Not one vote was stolen by the Russians. Not one.

This entire “Russian collusion” farce has to end.

I don’t care about U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler or U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff. They are liars, and my Democrat friends need to understand that it’s over, no matter what Nadler or Schiff thinks.

Russian collusion has more to do with Hillary Clinton the loser than Donald Trump the winner. She paid for the Steele dossier. The Obama administration created Robert Mueller. Prove me wrong.

I don’t want to venture into the quagmire that will be the investigation into the genesis of the Mueller appointment. Attorney General William Barr will venture in. And Democrats will face the music. Some will go to prison.

But don’t fret, comrades. The coming election is simple. Impeachment won’t happen, and investigations will be fruitless. Simply, there are more than a dozen Democrats. There will be more.

These Democrats will spend their time posturing and pontificating. They will regurgitate “facts” about Trump that Mueller said didn’t exist. It won’t matter. What will matter is that Democrats hate Trump.

What I’d point out to my Democrat friends is that they have watched this movie before. There were numerous Democrats who wanted to take on “The Gipper.” You remember Ronald Reagan. And Reagan was ripe for the picking, to hear the mainstream media tell it back then. In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, this is “déjà vu all over again.”

Reagan won nearly every state. The economy was robust. His foreign policy destroyed an immoral wall. The Russians feared Reagan.

Some in this country try to reverse the facts by telling you that Trump is in bed with the Russians. In fact, Trump is Russia’s worst nightmare. Hillary was their choice.

President Barack Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin’s flunky that his re-election would allow more flexibility with the Russians. Hillary had that stupid reset button. The mainstream media ignore the comparison at their own peril.

I care little about Democrats and their investigations. They rule the House, but are in the minority in the Senate.

Democrats are floundering. They think an ample group of choices mirrors the formula Republicans used to win the White House with Trump. I long for an original thought from Democrats. I’m waiting for them to pony up a worthy opponent. The first dozen won’t hunt. Think …

— Rauschenberger, an accountant, lives in Orange City. Send email to drausch@bellsouth.net or info@beacononlinenews.com.