David Rauschenberger MUG

The hatred and vitriol are reaching a fever pitch for those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I’ve called them cats suffering from President Donald Trump’s wielding of the laser pointer. Now, they believe the man with the laser pointer is the one in the corner.

I’m not worried at all. I’ve begged U.S. Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler to impeach Trump. Heck, they should impeach Vice President Mike Pence too. Then, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can be the first woman president.

The only problem is that they need two-thirds of the Senate to make it happen. There’s no chance that will happen. And they know it. Schiff knows it. Nadler knows it. Pelosi knows it. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer knows it. The mainstream media know it. You have to ask yourself, “What’s the point?”

I’ll tell you what’s going on here. The Democrats know their Congress members (House and Senate) have to, ultimately, run on their record of accomplishment. And they won’t accomplish anything between now and the day of reckoning. They can’t pass anything because Trump might get the credit.

I read today that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement might be taken up in the House and moved toward ratification. Trump put Dems in a box on that one. They can’t be seen as directly trying to tank our economy. So, Trump’s victory for killing NAFTA and getting us a better deal will begrudgingly be passed by the deranged Dems.

That bitter pill will be tough for them to swallow. Just like all the other economic success that Trump’s created.

I hope all the Dems in Congress are in as the impeachment train runs down the tracks. A unanimous vote would be perfect. They don’t have the guts to go on the record before the dog and pony show. And the most vulnerable Democrats will abstain in an attempt to survive in districts where Trump dominated in 2016.

Honestly, I’m trying to help Democrats out here. It’s better to lose a close one than suffer another electoral blowout. And Trump can’t win without carrying the Senate. So, impeachment in the second term is a pipe dream, if Trump wins. And he will.

Democrats pinning their hopes and dreams on an impeachment conviction just need a better candidate. That should be their focus. Nero (Adam Schiff) fiddles as Rome burns. Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are the prosecutors you should worry about. It’s about to go down. Think …

— Rauschenberger, an accountant, lives in Orange City. Send email to drausch@bellsouth.net or info@beacononlinenews.com.