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“We cannot miss the moment and cannot look a system in the face and simply call for a tranquilizing drug of gradualism. America was and is a bold experiment. But she will not be OK on her own,” said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My coming of age was guided rather delightfully by the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I learned a lot from their thoughtful lyrics that I would not have learned from my parents, and I honed my political and pacifistic tendencies in their harmonies.

There are still some Americans — unreconstructed traditionalists — who believe May 30 should be the holiday for honoring the nation’s war dead and those who survived wars but who have since passed from this life.

Imagine coming home from a long shift or turning on the TV after being in your house all day, and watching a live broadcast of your favorite team playing. As removed as we are from professional and collegiate athletics, that win makes you feel a little bit better.

I don’t much care for paying taxes. Maybe I could be clearer: I very much dislike paying taxes. Writing those checks to the county pretty much ruins an afternoon for me.

Let us be fair. There are times when lawyers show up as the good guys. Who among us does not remember the old Perry Mason books and TV shows? One lawyer successfully defends his client against the overwhelming force of the state.

Newspapers in the United States have traveled rough seas to the First Amendment freedoms we enjoy today. From the colonial Stamp Act through wartime censorship to today, when thousands of newspapers were slammed with the public health emergency known as COVID-19, people who work for newspape…

Schools, hospitals, roads, affordable housing: What if you could help ensure that Volusia County receives its fair share of funding for all of these vitally important programs, and many others as well? Sounds like a big ask and an even bigger task. But the good news is that it’ll take less t…

It used to be a sort of an ugly footrace. Competing interests would send their people to get to particular legislators. If your lobbyist got there first and had the right amount of persuasive power, your bill moved. Otherwise, we know how useless the Legislature is.

I guess I fall into the “ignore the scientists’ explanations at your own peril” camp, because I have read a couple of scientific papers that explain the mathematical models showing how coronavirus infections grow exponentially instead of slowly like the normal flu.

Editor’s note: While The Beacon is publishing only one weekly print edition to cut expenses in an attempt to outlast COVID-19, the columns about national politics written by Russ White and David Rauschenberger have been suspended. Both men have been invited to submit occasional columns on lo…

I seem to recall an old theory that people who do evil shrink from public observation, while those doing good have no such shyness. Our governments regularly remind me that the old theory is correct.

Like a bad dream, IT seemingly came from out of nowhere. Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, an import from China that escaped the tariffs, suddenly appeared.

After talking with my family, I realized that we are understanding the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of our previous traumatic experiences.

Can somebody on the left side of the political barbed-wire fence tell me how Democrats can, with a straight face, lay claim to being the party of diversity? I’m just curious. Do any of them notice how their selection process has played out? Their media partners act as if all is well. And I’m…

County Chairman Kelley has somewhat figured out that the sales-tax referendum went down in flames because few people trust the county. Of course it was not his fault. Everyone else screwed up. No one trusted the county or its past messages, so they are planning a new campaign with a familiar…

It took long enough. The Deltona City Commission voted to give away about $2.5 million in taxpayer money, without even knowing which panhandler wanted it. They went for the usual promise of jobs, though, in fairness, they did not get a promise of good jobs.