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Just a couple of months ago, County Council Chair Ed Kelley was going around the county telling people that he was not bright enough to come up with a Plan B in case the sales-tax increase failed. Well, this is a rare occasion, but I have to accuse him of honesty.

If you are a loyal MSNBC/CNN viewer or if you subscribe to The New York Times and/or lesser liberal rags, you’re certain that the top five or six Democrats vying for the nomination can defeat President Donald Trump in the popular vote and, most importantly, in the Electoral College in 2020. …

Devoted readers of this column (all five of you) will know I have long held the belief it will be women and kids who will save this country. A Pew Research Center poll prior to the 2018 midterm elections shows Democrats had better have the right answers and policies to do so, because they ar…

He’s now in full denial mode — it was only some “well-meaning” staffer who did it. But his chief of staff is now on record saying it was OK by him, and it would be “silly” to fire anyone over it.

Plenty of competent legal minds have read The Mueller Report. With the exception of a small cadre of political henchmen surrounding the president, the general consensus is, were he not president, he would have been indicted on multiple counts of felony obstruction of justice.

I can’t decide about the half-cent sales tax. I have heard many facts and opinions in all directions from people I respect. I’ve reviewed the list of projects. Mailers and other advertisements are not influencing me.

By presidential proclamation and congressional action, today, the first Thursday in May, is the National Day of Prayer. It is a time when devout Americans offer individual and collective prayers for divine aid and protection of their country.

I write in reluctant support of the half-cent sales tax. I share the concerns expressed by many about the failure to raise impact fees until the recent public outcry over the half-cent sales tax.

On April 21, our congregation in Lake Helen, with Christians all over the world, celebrated with flowers, candles and music our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We affirmed that death is not the final word and that love wins.

Editor’s note: DeLand native Sally Landis Bohon recently wrote to The Beacon to compliment Bill Mancinik’s “Native Reflections” column, and she shared a story from her past that this week substitutes for Mancinik’s column.

Our previous president understood the danger of nuclear technology in the Middle East. He headed an international coalition, which included Russia and China, to forge an agreement in which Iran agreed to halt its nuclear program and allow the most intrusive inspection regime in the history o…

Editor’s note: South Dakota journalist and First Amendment champion Brian Hunhoff gave the keynote speech recently at a Sioux Falls naturalization ceremony for new citizens. The experience inspired this commentary, which he shared with The Beacon and other newspapers through the Internationa…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has wrapped up his investigation and submitted his confidential report to presidential lackey Attorney General William Barr. As the investigation transcends from the active phase to the cover-up/whitewash stage, there are a few things worthy of keeping at the f…

Editor’s note: With this edition, we launch “Native Reflections,” a series of memories of growing up in DeLand written by local Realtor Bill Mancinik. The series will continue, usually weekly, until his well of memories runs dry, Mancinik said.

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