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Oh, unpredictable nature. Haven’t we come far enough that we can predict with accuracy what these giant 300-mile-in-diameter weather systems will do?

As we jump-start a new school year, many organizations and businesses have pooled their resources to provide educational staff, teachers and students rewards for their hard work for public education. Across the district, several recent back-to-school events and supply drives were held to eas…

Time for everyone’s favorite topic: tax-increment financing. Cut this column out, and keep it beside the bed, available in case of insomnia. Or use it to induce paralysis and stupor in case of zombie attack.

Last weekend saw a confluence of three of the most pressing problems facing this nation: guns, immigration and hate. As typical, our president played golf during the tragedies, and then offered a tepid, at best, response that addressed none of them with any degree of adequacy whatsoever.

There are two types of invention recognized in the patent office. There are useful things, and decoration. A clever person can invent a new bulb for lamps, or some new ornament for a lamp, and have patents issued.

Congratulations to the Deltona City Commission. They are learning what people think of them, hearing about it in great detail. There are still towns in which the ancestry of the commissioners is uncertain, but Deltona is no longer among their number.

Last week, I wrote about a Gallup Poll showing how Americans’ pride in our country has been diminishing in the Drumpf era. Sunday, we were provided with the first event since the 2016 election worthy of pride in what our country has produced on the international stage.

Just a couple of months ago, County Council Chair Ed Kelley was going around the county telling people that he was not bright enough to come up with a Plan B in case the sales-tax increase failed. Well, this is a rare occasion, but I have to accuse him of honesty.

If you are a loyal MSNBC/CNN viewer or if you subscribe to The New York Times and/or lesser liberal rags, you’re certain that the top five or six Democrats vying for the nomination can defeat President Donald Trump in the popular vote and, most importantly, in the Electoral College in 2020. …

Devoted readers of this column (all five of you) will know I have long held the belief it will be women and kids who will save this country. A Pew Research Center poll prior to the 2018 midterm elections shows Democrats had better have the right answers and policies to do so, because they ar…

He’s now in full denial mode — it was only some “well-meaning” staffer who did it. But his chief of staff is now on record saying it was OK by him, and it would be “silly” to fire anyone over it.

Plenty of competent legal minds have read The Mueller Report. With the exception of a small cadre of political henchmen surrounding the president, the general consensus is, were he not president, he would have been indicted on multiple counts of felony obstruction of justice.

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