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Our residents in West Volusia exhibit servants’ hearts daily. Damian Coulson, owner of Divine Choice, has made it his mission to not only help those in need where he resides, but also where he grew up.

Let me get this straight. We have former Vice President Joe Biden on tape stating that he told the Ukrainians they had six hours to fire a prosecutor investigating a company owned by a Russian oligarch. It’s not disputed that Joe Biden’s son, kicked out of the U.S. military for testing posit…

I have been diligent in pointing out the criminality and corruption that are core elements of Drumpf and his administration. As abhorrently pervasive as the criminality and corruption are, they pale when compared to the inhumanity that is the overriding face of what they are doing to the mos…

Oh, unpredictable nature. Haven’t we come far enough that we can predict with accuracy what these giant 300-mile-in-diameter weather systems will do?

The recent trials and tribulations of DeLand’s local toy store the Wily Owl, and their subsequent successful call for community support, bring up one of the most important concerns of small businesses Downtown.

As we jump-start a new school year, many organizations and businesses have pooled their resources to provide educational staff, teachers and students rewards for their hard work for public education. Across the district, several recent back-to-school events and supply drives were held to eas…

Time for everyone’s favorite topic: tax-increment financing. Cut this column out, and keep it beside the bed, available in case of insomnia. Or use it to induce paralysis and stupor in case of zombie attack.

Last weekend saw a confluence of three of the most pressing problems facing this nation: guns, immigration and hate. As typical, our president played golf during the tragedies, and then offered a tepid, at best, response that addressed none of them with any degree of adequacy whatsoever.

There are two types of invention recognized in the patent office. There are useful things, and decoration. A clever person can invent a new bulb for lamps, or some new ornament for a lamp, and have patents issued.

Congratulations to the Deltona City Commission. They are learning what people think of them, hearing about it in great detail. There are still towns in which the ancestry of the commissioners is uncertain, but Deltona is no longer among their number.

Last week, I wrote about a Gallup Poll showing how Americans’ pride in our country has been diminishing in the Drumpf era. Sunday, we were provided with the first event since the 2016 election worthy of pride in what our country has produced on the international stage.

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