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Occasionally, the mail brings something useful, like a check. I like checks. They help to pay the bills. More often, however, it brings useless stuff. For instance, those bills I just mentioned. Also, various opportunities to impoverish myself, in case I seek a life of asceticism and eventua…

Here in Volusia County, ECHO stands for “environment, culture, history and heritage, and outdoor recreation.” We proved that we share these values when more than 70 percent of us voted to extend the ECHO program for another 20 years. 

The pandemic has affected the lives of many in our community. Downtown businesses are rebounding, but long food lines are still common as people struggle to make ends meet. 

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There may be a global pandemic, elevated unemployment across Florida and plenty of other real problems, but the Florida Legislature decided a big chunk of its time was best spent alienating transgender youth with a measure that “solves” a nonexistent problem. 

Remember the old adage “April showers bring May flowers”? In Florida, April is typically a dry month when water demands are higher due to springtime planting and low rainfall amounts. For 22 years, April has been recognized as Water Conservation Month in Florida, a designation to heighten pu…

We would be offended by House Bill 1 under any circumstances, but the fact that the Florida Legislature has crafted the new law as retaliation against Black Lives Matter protests enlarges our offense.

Editor’s note: Lake Helen and Deltona both recently swapped out their city administrators. Doing so can be a tumultuous process. Columnist Mark Barker explains some of the reasons why.