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It’s interesting that those folks who are ordinarily so fond of preaching freedom from governmental overreach are suddenly chanting — in the case of our public schools — “big government’s way or the highway.”

Looks like they will need fresh loads of money and manure. The last time the County tried to sell a sales-tax increase, the mail-in referendum went down in flames. I commend the paving companies for their generous campaign contributions, however.

Even as we learn new ways to live and operate an organization safely amid economic and social upheaval from the COVID-19 virus, we must acknowledge legacies of inequality and violence in our West Volusia communities. As we confront them, the West Volusia Historical Society must look to the p…

“We cannot miss the moment and cannot look a system in the face and simply call for a tranquilizing drug of gradualism. America was and is a bold experiment. But she will not be OK on her own,” said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

My coming of age was guided rather delightfully by the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I learned a lot from their thoughtful lyrics that I would not have learned from my parents, and I honed my political and pacifistic tendencies in their harmonies.