Police Logs

DeLand Police Logs


Volusia County Sheriff's Office Reports

District 2 Daily Activity Reports

District 2 includes: Pierson, DeLeon Springs, Barberville, Lake Helen, Cassadaga and DeLand.


District 4 Daily Activity Reports

District 4 includes: Deltona, Enterprise, Stone Island and Osteen


District 6 Daily Activity Reports

District 6 includes: DeBary and Orange City


Abbreviations and police jargon used in the log/reports include:

A.O.A. - Assist Other Agency, sometimes

A.O.J. - Assist Other Jurisdiction. If, for example, another police department requests help from the DeLand

Police Department, the responding officer would write a report with A.O.A. or A.O.J. as the header.

Assault - Although there may not be hitting or touching, a person threatens another person and also made

some motion or an action that made the target believe the threat was to be carried out at that time. Threats

about future actions don't count. If a weapon is used the charge is upgraded to a felony.

BAC - Blood Alcohol Level.

Baker Acted - A Florida law called the Baker Act allows police to temporarily put people believed to be

dangerous to themselves or others in hospitals for mental evaluations. Anyone who is involuntarily hospitalized

like that is said to be "Baker Acted."

Battery - To be physically hit or touched unlawfully (against one's will). If a weapon is used the charge is

upgraded to a felony.

BOLO - Be on the Lookout

Burglary - A thief takes property from a vehicle, a house, or a business.

CID - Criminal Investigative Division

DCF - Department of Children and Families

DL - Driver's License

DPD - DeLand Police Department

DV - Domestic Violence

DWLS - Driving With License Suspended

DYS - The Division of Youth Services. This is the holding facility for youthful offenders.

E.P. - Extra Patrols.

FI card - Field Interrogation card. An FI card is completed by an officer when he has a lawful reason to stop

someone because there is reason to believe a crime is being committed or was or was about to be committed.

The officer may choose to complete the FI to document the time, location, clothing, acquaintances, etc. of the

person stopped. The FI becomes valuable if a crime occurs in the area and any information points to the

person stopped by the officer.

FST - Field Sobriety Test

FTA - Failure to Appear. A suspect has not shown up for a court date as ordered.

GD, Garden D. - Garden District

GTA - Grand Theft Auto

ISB - International Speedway Boulevard, U.S. Highway 92

LEO - Law Enforcement Officer

Meyer's Act - A Florida law allowing officers to jail intoxicated people.

NCIC/FCIC - National Crime Information Center and the Florida Crime Information Center. This is an

information retrieval system for wanted persons, warrants, stolen property, missing persons, etc. When an

officer "runs" a person, a car or other item through NCIC/FCIC, the officer usually is seeking criminal

information or wanted information. An officer also may enter information for use by other departments.

NTA - Notice to Appear. A person who receives an NTA is being arrested, just not physically. The person will

be summoned to court and will appear before a judge. The notice is similar to a traffic ticket.

Resisting W/O - Resisting arrest without violence.

Robbery - A thief takes property from another person by force or the threat of force

TOT - Turned Over To

VCBJ - Volusia County Branch Jail

VCSO - Volusia County Sheriff's Office

VOP - Violation Of Probation