Early in the morning May 9, two DeLand police officers were in the parking lot at a retail center on North Woodland Boulevard when they heard a truck being driven into the lot and making a lot of noise. 

A Deltona guy in his late 40s went to work at his boss’s house March 26. He got angry when he found the boss, who had had a bad headache, asleep in bed, because it meant Deltona Guy had no work to do.

A woman in her early 20s (whom we will call “Fanny”) told sheriff’s deputies April 4 that she, her sister, and her sister’s husband had drinks in Sanford earlier that day and then returned to the couple’s home in Deltona.

A fellow drove his pickup truck into the loading-zone area in front of a convenience store in DeBary the night of March 28. He exited his truck at the same time as an employee of the store who was parked next to him got out of his car.

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The assistant manager of a DeLand grocery store saw a young woman enter the store the afternoon of Sept. 19 and, several minutes later, saw her quickly exit the store, holding her purse close to her body.

On March 20, a DeLand police officer was sent to the area of North Stone Street and West Minnesota Avenue regarding a report that someone had stolen some construction signs.

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A DeLand police officer was dispatched to a supermarket in south DeLand on the afternoon of Nov. 2 regarding a shoplifting incident that the supermarket manager believed he had observed.

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A Deltona man told a sheriff’s deputy July 25 that someone stole his Glock pistol, which had been lying on a nightstand in the victim’s bedroom. The firearm had been loaded and was in a holster.

A woman living in the DeLand area told Volusia County sheriff’s deputies July 14 that a guy she doesn’t know “had rammed her gate with his vehicle and was rummaging through her vehicle.”

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Two guys walked into a store in the DeLand area June 26. One of them took a box containing a new pair of boots off a shelf, and he put the new boots on his feet. Then he dropped his old boots into the box and put it back on the shelf. 

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