Deltona City Manager Jane Shang

Nearly six months after she admitted unintentionally violating Florida election laws by registering to vote using Deltona City Hall as her residence address, Deltona City Manager Jane Shang has made a deal that keeps her free and working.

Shang has accepted and signed a deferred-prosecution agreement with the State Attorney’s Office, acknowledging she is guilty of six instances of voter fraud. The counts are third-degree felonies.

Shang must pay the costs of the state investigation into her actions, and must perform 100 hours of community service, while avoiding any breach of federal, state or local laws for the next 12 months.

"Regarding my voter registration, the State Attorney is not charging me with any criminal offense. For the sake of the public and tax dollars, I have entered into an agreement. I consider this personal matter closed and wish to move forward," Shang wrote in a statement sent by email to The Beacon.

Shang could not be reached for additional comment.

Following up on an anonymous complaint made late in 2018, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated Shang and found “probable cause” she had provided false information when she registered to vote, and had illegally voted in the 2016 and 2018 election cycles.

The false information related to her use of Deltona City Hall as her home address and netted four counts of voter fraud.

As an “unqualified elector” willfully voting in the two most recent election cycles, Shang faced two additional counts.

A third-degree felony may result in imprisonment for as long as five years.

The deferred-prosecution agreement, also known as a pretrial intervention agreement, requires Shang, among other things, to:

— Pay $5,178.83 to the FDLE for the cost of the investigation;

— Pay $50 per month for each of the next 12 months “toward the cost of her supervision”;

— Pay $2 each month to the Florida Department of Corrections for her supervision;

— Pay $1 each month to the FDOC to be given to First Step Inc., a nonprofit organization;

— Pay a one-time drug-testing fee of $30;

— Pay $100 for the cost of prosecution;

— Write a letter to the FDLE acknowledging her actions were illegal and “accepting responsibility”; and

—- “Notify the Pre-trial Intervention Officer of any change in residence, employment or arrest.”

When the story of Shang’s use of false information about her home address and improper voting surfaced in December, two members of the City Commission, Anita Bradford and Loren King, supported suspending or even terminating her.

Shang retained the support of the majority of the elected body.

Shang has been Deltona’s city manager since 2015. She said she had listed her home address as City Hall on her Florida driver’s license.

“I must have carried that over to my voter registration address,” she wrote in a statement given to FDLE.

The FDLE probe determined Shang actually has lived in District 3, but voted in the Deltona District 1 race last year.

Deltona City Hall is in District 1.

Loren King was the winner of the District 1 election, and, as noted above, favored Shang’s suspension or ouster.

Neither King nor Mayor Heidi Herzberg could be reached for comment.