If you were opening a time capsule from 1995, what would you expect to find? Newspapers, a recap of the Oklahoma City bombing, a video of Forrest Gump? Certainly not a thumb drive.

Volusia County officials found out when they opened an Earth Day time capsule that was planted outside the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center in DeLand 25 years ago. The big reveal took place Wednesday, April 22.

After the items were displayed for all to see, county staff planted another time capsule filled with 2020 materials with a heavy focus on Earth Day and environmental efforts.

For example, documents will address rising sea levels and the widespread use of single-use plastics, with a message of hope that the future generation will have solved these problems. The day’s newspapers (including The Beacon), county materials, census information, descriptions of the worldwide effort to combat COVID-19, and some lighthearted items were also included.

— Volusia County Community Information