There once was a lady named Dot. She loved to travel a lot. She discovered YouTube, went back to her cube, and traveled more often than not.

One of the attractions of retirement is the opportunity to do things we have always wanted to do but have never found the time for. One of the ironies of retirement is that, once retired, we encounter new and different limitations. Our financial resources or physical capacities might diminish.

Enter technology. No longer are we limited to the telephone, transportation, and postal service. No longer must we handwrite appointments on a calendar or fill the house with sticky notes. Technology can compensate for, if not eliminate, all of those limitations. More importantly, technology can enhance our quality of life.

Let’s talk about travel. That choice is near the top of the bucket lists for most of us who have dreamed of traveling one day to exotic places. Now that we have the time to travel, however, we encounter limitations on our travel choices.

Enter YouTube. YouTube is a repository of seemingly unlimited free audio and video information. With respect to travel, YouTube has some amazing — and captivating — offerings.

You will find a trove of short videos from all over the world, in 4K UHD video quality, with background music but no words. Using only your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can travel to exotic places without leaving your living room. Would you like a walking tour? How about a 24/7 live cab-view train ride from Venice to Verona or a winter train ride in Norway? The only resource you need is time, access to the internet, and a connecting device. There is no cost. Happy surfing!

The Cloisters creates the opportunity for residents to enjoy the retirement life they have been looking forward to. Whether you’re looking for residential living, assisted living, or extended congregate care, once you’re at The Cloisters, you’re home.

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