Shopping for clothes as a full-figured woman is not always easy. Do I want this unflattering black top, these pants lacking any shape or form, or this dress that is only meant to hide my curves rather than accentuate them? The choices are limited and aren’t really choices at all. 

But now that is no longer the case. 

Embracing Beauty Boutique is offering full-figured women options like never before. 

“As a plus-size person, I personally know how hard it is to find nice clothes,” said Embracing Beauty owner Amber Breen. “Everything is usually just a big unflattering top. But I really try to find pieces that fit and that I think plus-sized women are going to feel and look good in.”

Opening its doors in July of this year, Embracing Beauty offers its customers a unique retail experience. “We say that it’s like a personalized shopping experience,” said Breen. Amber not only shows women the best way to style their outfits with hats and accessories, but she also shows them how to pick out tops to accentuate their curves and flatter their figure.

“A lot of women come in here and all they think they can wear is black and that it has to be two sizes too big,” said Breen. “But usually by the time they leave, I’ve gotten them to try a different color and a size down. I tell them ‘just try this and see what it looks like.’”

Amber will also help her customers find items that may not be in stock. “That’s the benefit of being a smaller boutique as opposed to the big-box store,” said Breen. “If a customer asks, I have the ability to help them find a particular item, which adds to the personalized experience.”

Amber always knew she wanted to own her own business but never thought it would be a clothing boutique.

 “I never had any fashion sense growing up,” said Breen. “I dressed like a boy because those were the only clothes that fit, and I couldn’t match colors. But here I am today dressing women and helping them to find clothes and feel confident with their outfits.”

Embracing Beauty Plus Size Boutique is a family-owned and -operated business and couldn’t be run without the help of Amber’s husband and mother.

The boutique is located at 902 Saxon Blvd., Suite 103, Orange City. Their hours are 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, except for Thursday, when they are open until 7 p.m. 

Embracing Beauty offers gift cards and also has a loyalty program where their customers get points for their purchases and referrals. 

To contact Embracing Beauty or shop online,, follow them on Facebook @embracingbeautyboutique, or call 386-218-5842.