A renegade dentist who plays by his own rules, Dr. Barry DeGraff is doing a public service for his patients and the citizens of West Volusia by educating them on the possible harmful effects of dental crowns. 

A common procedure performed by almost all dentists is installing dental crowns. Crowns are potentially detrimental to the tooth. “Most dentists will say, ‘You have a large cavity in your tooth, and you will need a crown to make it stronger,’” said Dr. DeGraff. “But when they cut the outer shell down, they are actually cutting the last bit of strength out of the tooth.” 

Instead, Dr. DeGraff recommends composites, a tooth-colored material. “I will still do crowns if the patient prefers, but I recommend composites. Composites are a plastic, white-colored material that I feel are better than doing crowns because they do not require you to cut away half of the patient’s natural tooth,” Dr. DeGraff explained. 

Composites are also a lot less expensive than crowns. Dr. DeGraff has had patients come into his office after having received a treatment plan for expensive crowns, looking for a second opinion. He is not only able to offer them an alternative, he is also able to do so at a much lower cost and achieve the same results without the risks. 

Dr. DeGraff has been practicing dentistry for 40 years and has been at the same location in DeLand since 1984. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Barry DeGraff worked as an engineer at Grumman Aircraft for three years before he decided to pursue a degree in dentistry. 

“Someone said to me, ‘You like working with your hands? Why don’t you try dentistry? It’s just another form of mechanics.’” 

So he enrolled at SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and received a D.D.S. in June 1979. 

Dr. DeGraff is always striving to learn and takes continuing education seriously. “I try hard to be the best dentist that I can be. I have never sat back and not tried to get better at what I do,” he said. 

Dr. DeGraff, a full-service general dentist, is located at 315 E. New York Ave. in DeLand. Office hours are Monday through Thursday. To learn more about Dr. Barry DeGraff, visit his website at drDeGraff.com. To schedule an appointment, call 386- 734-2320. 


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