The American dream, the idea that anyone can come to America, work hard and make something of themselves, no matter their race, religion, or nationality, is a dream that almost everyone wants but not everyone can attain, especially if they weren’t born in this country. That’s why a good immigration lawyer is so important. 

Attorney Yvonne Hall knows firsthand what it’s like to seek the American dream, because she went through the immigration process herself.

“My mom emigrated here from Jamaica and got her green card,” said Yvonne. “She then applied for me to become a citizen but passed away before she could do the same for my father and siblings. It became my responsibility then to fill out the immigration paperwork for my family so that they could become citizens.”

Now with almost 30 years’ experience in immigration law, Yvonne is helping others become citizens as well.

“I understand why people from other countries would want to come here, because I went through it,” Yvonne said. “I’ve been through the system and have a personal experience and a reality of what the American dream is like.”

A graduate of Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Yvonne became a member of the Florida Bar in 1982. From there, she worked at various law firms in Florida before opening her own practice in 1986. 

“I worked in all areas of law but decided to focus on immigration law because I found it a lot more rewarding,” said Yvonne. “I love working with people from different backgrounds and learning about their culture.”

Although based in Florida, Yvonne works with clients in all 50 states and even helps clients out financially. “I work with each client’s circumstances,” said Yvonne. “I know that money is often an issue with many of my clients, so I’ll give them payment arrangements so that they can pay over a period of time.”

While Yvonne specializes in immigration law, Hall Law is a full-service firm taking everything from accident cases, family law, and adoptions to post-conviction matters, pardons, and more.

Hall Law is located at 101 N. Woodland Blvd., Suite 214, in DeLand. Their hours are 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To learn more about Hall Law or to set up a consultation, call or text 305-244-5047.