Read what our guests are saying about us:


1. “We have to drive 87 miles each way to eat at Karlings, but consider it well worth the trip. We have eaten there four times in the past year and have never been disappointed with the food or service. It feels very cozy and European in that they give you time to enjoy each course without rushing you to the next one. 

Last time, we had family visiting and called ahead. There was a table set up just for us, and no one mentioned anything when our silly son switched his chair for another he found more comfortable. It really feels like you are eating in a dear sister's home, and her husband is the best chef you know. 

We ordered too much as usual (have to try everything, right?), and our server took the plates in the kitchen to box everything for take-home. I'm sorry I can’t remember her name, I even asked and then it slipped my mind, but she is a real sweetie.”

–Andria Y.


2. “One of my favorite restaurants in Florida! You have to stop by and check out the bakery when in the area. A great family-owned business, the nicest owners I have ever encountered. 

When I dined here, I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Jimmy. He came to my table and personally introduced himself. I’m not quite sure why some of the reviews are poor; I’m sure they have fixed the previous issues because I had a phenomenal experience.”

–Steven K.


3. “As an appetizer, I ordered the crab-cake. It was a very good portion, and the glaze on top was a great touch. It was very different but also very good. 

As an entree, I got the sea bass. This was also very different. I appreciate the high-risk, high-reward twists that they add to their dishes. The pineapple was a sweet, touch and the sea bass tasted very fresh. This is to be expected in a place like Florida.

As a side dish, I tried the German cucumber salad, and it was to die for! I am craving it as I write about it. I would come back even if this was the only dish on the menu. The taste of the dill dressing was so delicious. 

Lastly, for dessert I ordered both the chocolate mousse and Key lime baked Alaska. The chocolate mousse was so fluffy and rich. It melted in my mouth. Same with the baked Alaska. I highly recommend both desserts; however, the chocolate mousse is probably my favorite.”

–Walter M.

Karlings Inn and Twin Brothers Bakery are located at 4640 U.S. Highway 17 in DeLeon Springs. The bakery hours are 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Wednesday–Sunday, and Karlings is open 5–9 p.m. Wednesday–Saturday.


To learn more about Karlings or to make a reservation, call 386-985-5535 or visit