With an abundance of bangles dangling from her wrist, two jeweled drop earrings hanging from her ears, and a necklace to bring it all together, there’s little wonder why Carmen Cook started Wire Jewelry Creations.

“People always say, ‘Do what you love,’” said Cook, “and I love jewelry and I love bling, so I decided to create a business around it.” 

Cook did some research and couldn’t find any other jewelry workshops in the area, so in April of this year, she launched her business.

“I like making jewelry because it is therapeutic,” said Cook. “It’s a creative outlet mentally, and it’s physically relaxing. It’s wonderful to take a piece of wire and bend it and shape it into a piece of art.”

A retired Army nurse originally from Puerto Rico, Cook moved to Deltona in 1989 when her daughter was accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It was during her time as a nurse that Cook discovered her love of making jewelry. 

“I noticed one of my co-workers with an armful of bracelets,” said Cook. “She had like 10 of them. I asked her where she got them all from, and she said she made them herself. She told me where to go take classes, so I went, I learned, and I got hooked. I’ve been making wire jewelry ever since.”

Wire Jewelry Creations offers three different workshops a week based on each student’s skill level: a Beginner Workshop on Wednesdays, an Intermediate Workshop on Thursdays, and a Big and Bold Class on Fridays titled “Bisutería.” The workshops cost $149 each, are four hours long (11 a.m.– 3 p.m.), can accommodate four to six students, and take place at various locations in Volusia County.

All the tools and supplies are provided in each workshop. The workshops are set up to allow each student to create and take home around five pieces of jewelry, ranging from earrings and bracelets to rings, and necklaces.

To learn more about Wire Jewelry Creations or to sign up for a workshop, visit wirejewelrycreations.com or call 386-216-0899.