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“Is your brain functioning optimally?” asks Vicki Duckett, owner of Happy Brain Neurofeedback. “We know that given the right information, the brain can transform itself effortlessly.” 

Happy Brain Neurofeedback provides brain training to individuals of all ages. “We are training the brain to be more efficient,” said Vicki. “With neurofeedback, the brain can correct itself to perform more optimally.

Vicki looked for an alternative to medication after her son’s ADHD diagnosis. His pediatrician recommended neurofeedback, and after seeing much success with her son’s training, and going through sessions herself, Vicki knew that she wanted to help others experience the benefits of neurofeedback.

Much like a mirror, NeurOptimal®’s neurofeedback program monitors the brain’s electrical activity and then provides feedback about what it has just done. The brain uses this information to become more efficient, balanced and resilient. NeurOptimal® does not push the brain in any specific direction; rather, it allows the brain to use the information (feedback) provided during a session to optimize itself.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback can help promote stress management, relaxation, focus, healthy sleep habits, improved mental acuity, improved athletic performance, improved business acumen, self-confidence, resilience and much more. 

NeurOptimal® is approved by the FDA as a general wellness device. 

Here are a few client testimonials:

“I didn’t realize I had been struggling each morning with a feeling of dread/doom upon awakening…then I realized, after a few weeks of NeurOptimal®, that I was feeling lighter, more resilient and positive …effortlessly. I’m still juggling all the same worries and responsibilities, but it’s as though the negatives don’t ‘stick’ to me. I feel more emotionally resilient.”

“I found that I was suffering from debilitating depression, insomnia, and anxiety. My counselor recommended neurofeedback. I’ve been having NeurOptimal® training for just over two months, and I’ve almost completely stopped taking medication as needed for anxiety. I’m also sleeping better without additional medication. NeurOptimal® has helped me regain balance and restored my resilience.”

“My teenage son started neurofeedback and quickly responded, with greatly improved mood and levels of stress. I was so impressed that I began neurofeedback to address mental fatigue and poor sleep. I noticed a difference in my sharpness immediately, and my sleep improved significantly. As a scientist, I tend to be skeptical by nature, but I’m completely convinced of this training’s effectiveness!!" 

“My young son started neurofeedback because of vocal tics, communication difficulties, and problems at school. Soon after beginning, we started noticing a reduction in tics and his teacher started reporting better days at school!”

Vicki also offers the option to rent a NeurOptimal® system. “Individuals can train on their own schedule.” said Vicki. “This is also a more economical option for families, and it’s great for individuals outside of our local area.”

Happy Brain is located at 114 W. New York Ave., Suite C, in DeLand. Office hours are 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

To learn more about Happy Brain or to schedule a first complimentary session, visit HappyBrainToday.com or call 386-479-6634.