Get ready to find yourself transported to a bakery in Puerto Rico the second you step inside El Coqui Bakery. With customers conversing in Spanish, music playing, and trays of fresh-baked goods making their way out of the kitchen, El Coqui Bakery is the place to be in Deltona. 

“The bakery is crowded every morning,” said co-owner Jasmarie Rosa. “People get here early in the morning, talk with their friends, watch the news, have a pastry, read the newspaper, and then come back for lunch.”

Originally from Puerto Rico, owners Jasmarie Rosa and Brenda Rosa moved to Deltona looking for a new start. 

“I moved here before Hurricane Maria, and my sister moved here after the hurricane,” said Jasmarie. “I originally moved to Orlando but soon came to Deltona after my co-workers told me how similar it was to Puerto Rico.”

Coming from a long line of bakers, the sisters learned to cook from their family. 

“I have a master’s degree in criminal justice and forensic psychology, and my sister was a teacher,” said Jasmarie. “But we learned to cook from our mother and grandmother. My mother had a cafeteria in Puerto Rico, and we would help her cater different events.”

El Coqui Bakery was established in 2009. The sisters purchased the business from the previous owners in April and decided to keep the name.

More than just a bakery, El Coqui Bakery also makes soups, sandwiches, empanadas, croquettes, breakfast items, their famous espresso and much more. 

“Our most popular item is the coquitrón sandwich,” said Jasmarie. “It’s bistec, pastrami and turkey all on our freshly baked bread.”

The bread is made fresh every day and is one of the big things that sets El Coqui Bakery apart from the other bakeries in the area. “We make the bread every morning,” said Jasmarie. “Our most popular bread is the cheese bread and the mallorca. We have three different types of mallorca: sugar, cheese, and cheese and guava. Some of our customers will even use the sweet bread for their sandwiches.”

Some of their other bakery items are turnovers, quesitos (pastries filled with cheese), flan, doughnuts, tembleque, and tres leches.

El Coqui Bakery is located at 1878 Providence Blvd. in Deltona, occupying three spaces in the plaza. Their hours are 6 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and  7 a.m.–3 p.m. Sunday. They also offer catering for events. 

To contact El Coqui Bakery, call 386-218-6202, visit their location in Deltona, or follow them on Facebook (El Coqui Bakery) and Instagram (coquibakery2019).