It creeps up on your house over time, moving so slowly that at first you don’t notice it until it’s all that you notice. Covering your roof, your siding, your driveway, your fence and even the front door. You can’t escape it!

You attempt to spray it away with a hose or scrub at it with a brush, but these efforts do very little to alleviate the problem and, in some cases, just make it worse. 

Mold, mildew and algae on your home are issues that all Floridians face, but they’re also things that can be easily fixed, with the right help!

Magnum SoftWash is your safe, home-cleaning solutions specialist. They do the job of removing any mildew, moss, algae and lichens that are infesting surfaces on your home or business without the harmful damage that a pressure washer might produce.

Started in May of this year, Magnum SoftWash uses gentle, low-pressure technology and 100-percent biodegradable cleaning solutions to safely clean any exterior surface.

“In contrast, pressure washing uses high-volume water, which can damage or erode the surface that you’re trying to clean,” said Magnum SoftWash owner Michael Mewhorter. “If you’re trying to clean a delicate surface, like shingles on a roof or the screen of a patio, these surfaces would become ruined during the pressure-washing process.”

“Instead of blasting the bacteria away, only for it to come back in a couple of months, soft washing kills the bacteria; it kills the infestation 100 percent, sanitizing the surface we are cleaning,” said Mewhorter.

The SoftWash solution is environmentally friendly, uses just one-third of the water that pressure washing does, and is safe to use around pets and plants. Soft washing can be performed on a wide variety of surfaces where algae and bacteria grow, such as concrete, brick, tile, wood, vinyl siding, screen enclosure, fencing and more. 

They have also been certified by SoftWash Systems and are fully licensed. “I am trained, licensed, background-checked and insured,” said Mewhorter. “The equipment I use and the training that I received were the best in the business; there is no better.”

The safety and security of your home and property is Magnum SoftWash’s No. 1 priority. “Don’t waste your time on a service that's undependable and not reputable,” continued Mewhorter. “Before I even come to your home for your appointment, you will get an email from with my picture, my certification, licensure and liability coverage, so that you can know who I am before I even knock on your door.”

Magnum SoftWash offers discounts and special pricing to veterans and first responders; they also offer pro bono work for churches. Magnum SoftWash services West Volusia and the surrounding areas, and is open seven days a week. 

To learn more about Magnum SoftWash or to schedule a free estimate, or call 386-450-0917. You can also view some of their amazing before and after photos on Facebook, Google and Yelp.