Nominated as the best clinic in Volusia County, Harmony Clinic Medical & Chiropractic is looking to make some big changes in the coming months.

“We have a big vision,” said Marketing Director Santiago Avila Jr. “We are expanding quickly and are planning on opening offices in DeLand, Port Orange, and the Lake Mary/ Sanford area. It is going to be like a medical complex where we’ll be offering traditional medicine with an alternative focus.”

With their focus currently on medical and chiropractic medicine, Harmony Clinic will be expanding to include alternative types of medicine. “We’ll still be using the traditional diagnostics, like labs, radiographs, X-rays and MRIs, but the treatment will be a little bit different,” said Clinic Chiropractor Leonardo Samalot. “The treatment we’ll be using will tackle the root cause of the problem or the illnesses, not just masking the symptoms, which is the big difference.”

Already starting to gain attention, their alternative forms of medicine recently caught the eye of state Sen. Tom Wright. “We’re going to be using a hyperbaric chamber at the Deltona facility here soon,” said Clinic Director and Chiropractor Lester Carrero. “We’re going to use the chamber to help treat veterans’ PTSD, brain injuries, and other chronic conditions.”

“Instead of using traditional forms of medicine, the senator Tom Wright is currently trying to get the VA to use hyperbaric oxygen to treat veterans as well,” said Dr. Carrero. “A lot of these patients tend to get addicted to opioids, and we’re all just trying to combat that. So we’ll be sitting down with the senator soon.”

Dr. Carrero and Dr. Samalot met when they were both undergrad students at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and it was during that time that the idea for Harmony Clinic was born. “We’ve been developing this for a long time,” said Dr. Samalot.

Harmony Clinic currently has locations in Deltona and Altamonte Springs, and their services include chiropractic, massage, natural medicine, physical exams, digital X-rays, physical therapy, knee osteoarthritis injections, spinal decompressions, and more.

“We have a lot of options here at Harmony Clinic,” said Dr. Carrero. “One of the biggest differences about us is that we see a lot of different conditions. Most chiropractors will see patients with back pain, neck pain, things like that. But we see a lot of different ailments, a huge range of illnesses and conditions.”

Harmony Clinic offers discounts and special pricing to veterans and first responders; they also offer free seminars on nutrition, wellness and healthy living, and they try to give back to the community as much as possible. 

“We recently did a back-to-school backpack giveaway,” said Avila. “We partnered with a couple of politicians and political organizations and gave out over 150 backpacks to the community. We’re also looking to do a day of free health care and do free blood pressure and diabetes testing for senior citizens.”

Harmony Clinic’s Deltona office is located at 1948 Saxon Blvd., and their hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays; and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. To learn more about Harmony Clinic or to schedule an appointment, or call 386-SPINE-DR (774-6337).