With the performing arts at a standstill, the Athens Theatre in DeLand manages to give us the entertainment we crave again and again. This time, the Athens is celebrating some of the love stories from their very own theatrical community. Joining forces again with The Studio Creative Group, this collaboration puts some faces to the immeasurable amounts of love that flow through the brick and mortar of the historic space. This is Seasons Of Love!

This virtual ticketed concert features Athens powerhouse performers telling their love stories through songs and sound bites. You’ve heard their names before: Alexa and Rob Baldwin; Chris and Erica deJongh, Aladdin and Tiffany Demps, and Becca and Trevor Southworth. You’ve seen them on stage and off, giving of their time and talents to strengthen the theater-arts community in DeLand.

“We’re sort of a musical theater Breakfast Club: four public-school performing-arts teachers; two consulting-firm owners; a lawyer; and our Athens marketing and operations manager. But musical theater allows us to be so much more than that,” said Aladdin Demps, marketing assistant at the Athens. “Seasons of Love lets us give a peek behind our personal curtains.”

“We’ve discovered in the last few months how much we value and appreciate human connection and the opportunities to celebrate and experience that connection in many different ways. ...” said Erica deJongh, whom you may remember as the witch from this past season’s Into the Woods. “I think you’ll see from this concert that we all share that common bond, and that music and storytelling bring people together. Seasons of Love will help all of us to reflect on our own stories and to know that, when this is all over, we will all be together again.”

Virtual tickets may be purchased at www.AthensDeLand.com. This video will begin live streaming at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 30, and can be viewed like a rental for 24 hours, with a $20 ticket. Or, you can opt for the $50 downloadable option and watch it as many times as you like. 

All funds raised by this event will help the Athens Theatre and The Studio Creative Group make it through their COVID-19 crisis closures.