David Rauschenberger: Trump’s use of Twitter redefines political history

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David Rauschenberger

David Rauschenberger

We could talk about wedding cakes, leading lady Stormy Daniels, Russians stealing Hillary’s future, or Bill Clinton’s new book, or we could discuss Robert Mueller and his team of Democrats, all while ignoring the phenomenon of the century.

President Donald Trump is the most important figure of this millennium. Give him a few years, and he might be one of the most important figures in recent history.

Nearly all in our media and those who consider themselves experts in the political arena have to admit that Trump is rewriting history and blazing a trail that eclipses his predecessor, and might subordinate the accomplishments of many great leaders who preceded him in America’s history.

Simply, Trump has Twitter. And the course of political history has been redefined.

The media, protected by our First Amendment, have been reduced to a reactionary and obviously biased clowder (a group of cats). Trump has a laser pointer, and the mainstream media and Democrats are cats.

Ever watch those videos of laser pointers and cats on YouTube? Trump is the one with the laser pointer. It’s called Twitter.

Some of you may remember my playful column about cats and Democrats. Turn on the porch lamp, put out a free plate of food, and you will have a cat.

Democrats have refined a similar strategy to amass their voting constituency. Curiously, they’re coming up short as of late.

Trump criticizes Mueller, and the media goes into full protection mode. Trump says he can pardon himself, and the leftists in the media and in the “resistance” are hysterical. Trump laughs. Where will he point the laser next?

Trump points out that Democrats were the only ones in cahoots with Russia, and the left in the media clowder refuses to investigate his claim. Trump points out the fact that Democrats created a dossier that allowed their shills in the FBI and the Justice Department to secure politically motivated warrants, and the media cats wonder where’s Melania?

Every time Trump tweets, the usual suspects freak out. His misdirection game escapes them. Trump’s the cat master. They can’t resist the laser pointer.

Meanwhile, real news reports point out that Trump’s secured more than 60 percent of his agenda in the first 500 days.

Maybe a better analogy would be “moths to a flame.” Trump defines the left’s reality with his tweets.

Did you hear about Trump dissing the Philadelphia Eagles? The cats jump again! Think …

— Rauschenberger, an accountant, lives in Orange City. Send email to drausch@bellsouth.net or info@beacononlinenews.com.

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