Letter to the Editor: No more lifeguards at DeLeon Springs State Park

Editor, The Beacon:

How many deaths will it take?

DeLeon Springs State Park will have no lifeguards on duty this summer. 

I visit the park daily, and I have witnessed one or two rescues a week by the lifeguards in the summer. In addition, the lifeguards maintain order and discipline.

They keep people from engaging in dangerous behavior, such as diving into shallow areas, jumping on top of other swimmers, or allowing non-swimming children to float in deep water unsupervised.

This summer, children may die for lack of lifeguards in what is essentially a public pool. Admittedly, they will probably be lower-income children from “other” ethnic backgrounds, because these are the children benefiting by having the park.

Maybe this fact influenced this action.

Also, children in summer-camp programs will not be able to swim at the park because there are no lifeguards. Up until this summer, several hundred children each week in the summer have come to the springs to swim as part of the county-run summer-camp program. They gain confidence in the water and an appreciation for our amazing natural resources.

This decision was made by the Florida Division of Recreation and Parks as a cost-cutting measure. This is the same state of Florida that decided the solution to children being killed by automatic weapons in school was to flood the schools with more guns.

How many deaths will it take till we know … .

Elizabeth “Beeg” Camarota


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