Russ White: FBI’s integrity and ethics beyond reproach

Russ White

Russ White

I become a true senior citizen on my next birthday. For the first 63 years of my life, the Republican Party was, or at least claimed to be, the party of law and order and national security. If you had tried to tell a Republican that the FBI was filled with criminals or that Russia was our friend, that person would have laughed at you, if he didn’t punch you in the face.

Today, the Republican position is that the FBI is filled with criminals and that Russia is our friend. You couldn’t make this stuff up. No one would believe it if you made it into a movie. The plot-line would be too stupid for people to believe. Well, thinking people, anyway.

I’ll give you a little hint. Neither the FBI nor Russia has changed in even the minutest detail. The FBI is still filled with some of the most ethical human beings of the highest integrity our society has to offer, and the Russians are still the biggest threat to our sovereignty on the planet. Well, next to our own president.

No, it is the Republican Party that has gone off the rails on the crazy train. The latest evidence is the memo they are making such a big deal about. We’re talking about a memo written by a Republican congressman and his staff based on cherry-picked, classified information from the reauthorization of a FISA court warrant.

These theatrics are an attempt to distract from the fact that the Robert Mueller investigation is circling ever closer to the president himself, and to minimize the effect of whatever the investigation eventually turns up. Critically thinking people aren’t buying it.

The attacks on the FBI are the result of people projecting their own lack of integrity and moral compasses onto the agency. It is how they would behave were they in the role of the FBI. It is not a reflection of reality.

I have known many FBI agents. Their integrity and ethics are beyond reproach, and the further up the hierarchy one of them climbs, the more that is true. That is a fact.

That said, I will admit the FBI probably does have a bias against this president. But, it is not political in nature. It is the same bias they have always had. In the past, that bias was against names like John Gotti, Bernie Madoff, Aldrich Ames and Al Capone.

— White, a retired fire services chief in South Florida, lives in Orange City. Send email to

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