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DeLand residents petition city to fix colors of new Marriott hotel

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Approved — DeLand resident Dagny Robertson included this rendering of the planned Courtyard by Marriott hotel being built in Downtown DeLand, when she wrote city officials concerned that the building doesn't look like the rendering.

marriott rendering, city of deland, marriott colors, downtown deland marriott colors

Street view — DeLand resident Dagny Robertson included this view of the south face of the Courtyard by Marriott hotel being built in Downtown DeLand, when she wrote city officials concerned that the building doesn't look like the rendering city officials approved.

DeLand-area residents upset about the paint job on the city’s new Marriott hotel have started a petition to urge the city to force the developer to make the building match pictures approved by the city before construction started.

They have also asked for time at the Monday, Feb. 19, DeLand City Commission meeting to present their concerns and the petition signatures.

“My issue and everyone else’s, is that the rendering attached shows most of the building in a neutral color with accents of orange and yellow. The building is currently painted all orange and yellow with no neutral colors at all. This is not acceptable,” DeLand resident Dagny Robertson wrote in a letter to city officlals.

With her emailed letter, Robertson attached the rendering showing the approved design, along with a photo of the building and a rendering of a Courtyard by Marriott in Irvine, California, painted in more-sedate color similar to those depicted on the DeLand rendering.

The same pictures are included with this story.

City officials have told The Beacon the colors of the Marriott under construction at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Woodland Boulevard, at the northern gateway to Downtown DeLand, are, indeed, the colors approved by the city.

They said the contrast between the drawing and the five-story building can be attributed to the difference between looking at a paint swatch and a large-scale application of the color.

“Their attorney, working through their contractor, confirmed the correct pigmentation,” City of DeLand Community Development Director Rick Werbiskis said. “Their contractor confirmed the various [color] IDs, keys were the same as the colors approved by the city.”

The online petition started by Robertson is available at In a couple of hours, it had garnered 26 signatures.

“Because I love DeLand and respect it’s charm and would never consider allowing such an eyesore to be built on our beautiful main street,” one signer commented.

Some expressed support for the Courtyard by Marriott, which is expected to add much-needed hotel rooms in the Downtown DeLand area when it opens in April, even while they panned the paint job.

“Getting a hotel downtown was one thing, but then to have it look like this is a travesty. There is no reason whatsoever the facade shouldn't look more like our historic downtown. I expect more from our commissioners,” another petition-signer said.

“Citizens certainly have the right to petition/ask the owner and city to do something, on the Marriott colors or anything else,” DeLand Mayor Bob Apgar said, adding that he had spoken with one resident who likes the current paint scheme.

“The citizens of DeLand are expecting our leaders to make sure new development in DeLand coincides with our historic aesthetic. Avista presented an image that did that. Now hold them to it. Let Avista know you won’t issue the CO until the building looks like the rendering,” Robertson wrote in her Jan. 8 letter to city officials.

The “CO” is the certificate of occupancy that amounts to the city’s final sign-off on a construction project.

Follow this link to the online petition:

— Barb Shepherd

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